Anything for Hemmings

When Charlotte is told that she is moving across the word first it is the worst thing in the world but is it all worth it?
Will she meet the man of her dreams?
Will her life get worst as each day goes on?


13. Movies and Romance

*Luke’s POV*                                                                       

‘2 tickets to see Goosebumps at 6pm thanks,’ I say to the guy at the counter.

‘No problem, here we are and the doors will open 15 minutes before the movie starts,’ the guy says handing me 2 tickets.

‘Thanks,’ I say walking away from the counter with Charlotte beside me.

‘You don’t have to buy my tickets you know,’ she says wrapping her arms around my body.

‘Yeah I know but what sort of boyfriend would I be making the most amazing girl in the world pay for her movie ticket,’ I say and she blushes. She is so cute.

After Michael, Ashton, Calum and Stephanie all have their tickets, we go to Grill’d. I ordered the peri peri chicken burger and Charlotte got the Caesar salad burger. It was probably my favourite burger place because it is just amazing.

‘Ok you guys ready to go to the movie? We have 10 mins…’ Calum interrupted the table.

‘Yep I can’t wait to see this movie,’ Charlotte answered. I walk up to the counter and pay for mine and Charlotte’s meal.


~skip to after the movie~


‘That was amazing!! But I so called the ending,’ Michael said as we exited the cinemas.

‘OMG yeah it was the best and I use to read all the books when I was younger so I knew all the characters!’ Stephanie said walking beside Calum. I think they would make the cutest couple ever.

‘You… Read Goosebumps?’ Charlotte questioned.

‘Yeah babes I use to be all into that shit and then high school came and you know who came along and changed me,’ she replied.

‘Well you can be who you want,’ Calum said grabbing her hand.

‘Aww go Cal!’ Ashton said nudging him.

‘Shut up!’ he replied.

We got back to Calum and Ashton’s car when the unexpected happened.


*Calum’s POV*


I am going to do it. I am going to ask her to be my girlfriend. Charlotte told me that he likes me so why not?

When we reached the car the others were all chatting together and I pulled Steph aside.

‘Hey can I talk to you?’

‘Yeah sure what is it Cal?’ she said looking into my eyes.

‘I know we only met today and everything and we haven’t been on a date or anything…’ when she cut me off.

‘So you didn’t count tonight?’ she said. I was in shock I was counting it but I didn’t know if she did.

‘Well do you?’ I ask

‘Um yeah duhh,’ She said and it made me smile how she is so chill and I am dying inside.

‘Ok well after one date I feel like I want to be with you… Will you be my girlfriend?’ I say looking down at her.

‘Are you serious Calum!!’ She said screaming really loud, ‘YES OF COURSE I WILL!!’

I looked over to see the others staring at us. She reached in and gave me the best hug in the world. I saw Luke wink at me and I just shook my head and smiled.

‘Ok you two… Steph what car are you going in?’ Ashton asked.

‘I think I am going to go with Calum… she said sounding a lot more shy than before.

‘Why so quite?’ I ask.

‘Oh no nothing but is it ok if I come with you?’ she asks and I just laugh, ‘why are you laughing?’ she said sounding more quite.

‘Of course you can come with me, what kind of a boyfriend would I be if I didn’t take you home after our first date,’ I say and Charotte butted in.

‘Wait are you two a thing now?’ she said sounding hopeful.

‘Yeah,’ I answer.

‘OMG CONGRATS!!,’ she said screaming with joy at Steph.

‘C he just asked me to be his girlfriend… we are not getting married,’ she said.

‘Yeah but I am just really happy for you,’ she said and I laughed.

‘Hey Luke are you and Charlotte coming with me?’ I ask.

‘Yeah is that ok?’ he asks

‘Yeah no that’s cool,’ I replied. We all say our good byes and Michael and Ashton drove off. We all get in the car and I head towards Luke’s house.


*Luke’s POV*


‘Ok thanks man I’ll see you tomorrow,’ I say getting out of the car.

‘Yeah no worries,’ he replies.

‘By Steph, I’ll text you tomorrow,’ Charlotte says hugging her through the opened window of the car.

We go inside and straight to my room. My mum and dad went out tonight and they are staying at a hotel. We head to my room and I wanted to plan for Charlotte’s birthday.

‘Ok so we are going to need balloons and streamers for decoration,’ I say sitting on my bed.

‘Luke, I still have all my stuff at my mum and dads house… if they still live together…’ she said fiddling with her thumbs.

‘Babe don’t worry you don’t need to go back there alone. I was going to wait for you birthday but I am just going to tell you now,’ I say pointing for her to come sit next to me. ‘I have spoken to your mum and I have organised for you, me, the boys and Steph to collect all your stuff on your birthday.’

‘Are you serious!!’ she says in shock.

‘Yeah and don’t worry they won’t be there,’ I say and she looks me in the eyes.

She smiles which makes me laugh a little.

‘What?’ she asks and I just shake my head. She was so perfect.

Charlotte collided her lips with mine unexpectedly. Her hands started to play with my hair. I passionately kiss her back and kick my converses off and move my way on top of her.

Her hands moved to my back as she lifted my shirt over my head. I smile and immediately resume kissing her. I then started to kiss her neck as I moved my hand along her outer thigh.

'Are we really going to do this?' I ask not wanting her to do something she wasn't comfortable in.

'Yeah,' she answered.

I unzipped the back of Charlotte's dress and lifted it over her head. I tucked her hair behind her ear and the night lights that shined through the window lit up her face beautifully. She unbuckled my jeans and then I took them off.

We stopped so could go get a condom. I came back from the bathroom and jumped back on the bed connecting our lips together.


I woke up to Charlotte next to me with her legs tangled in mine. I can’t believe we had sex last night.

I didn’t want to move because she might wake up and she looked really peaceful so I just lied there thinking about how I was going to pull the surprise off. She knows I am throwing her a party but I still want it to be surprise somehow.

I was thinking about telling her that the boys can’t make it and no one will come. Yeah that is a bit mean. But hey, she will be surprised…

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