Anything for Hemmings

When Charlotte is told that she is moving across the word first it is the worst thing in the world but is it all worth it?
Will she meet the man of her dreams?
Will her life get worst as each day goes on?


14. 18 and Suprised

2 days later

*Luke’s POV*

Ok so today was Charlotte’s 18th Birthday and I had been planned a surprise for her.

Firstly I will tell her that Ashton woke up sick a couple of days ago but gave it to Michael and Calum so they cannot play at her party. Secondly, I will tell her that I haven’t had time to get the food because I have been trying to find a backup performance. Then I will tell her that the all the other people said no… this is going to be hard.

I have a feeling when I tell her that no one is coming she is going to catch onto something…

I wake up to her sprawled across my body. She is such a bed hog. I get up to go and make her favourite breakfast, Bacon and eggs with mushroom and tomatoes. I tried to move her without waking up but I somehow knocked her arm and she fluttered her eyes open.

 ‘Happy birthday to the best girlfriend in the world,’ I say and kiss her on the lips. She smiles and stretches, trying to wake up.

‘Stay here I am going to go and make you some breaky,’ I say and walk out of the room.

‘Ok… I love you,’ she says as I exit the room and I smile to what she says. I go down stairs and message the boys.

Luke: Ok so I am making her breaky now… I am then going to take her out all day and tell her the news that her party is ruined… you guys still good to come around about 11?

I got replies from them all.

Michael: Yeah man this is going to be epic!!

Ashton: Woooh! Be there at 11!

Calum; Yeah!! I am so excited!!

I finished making the food and put it on a tray and headed towards her room.

‘Knock knock,’ I say walking in and resting the tray on her bed.

‘You didn’t need to do this,’ she said sitting up resting against the bed head.

‘Yes I did, it is your 18th Birthday… the least I can do is make you breakfast in bed,’ I reply giving her a kiss on the lips.

‘Yeah but you are already throwing me a party tonight so…’ she said looking up at me.

‘Umm… about that,’ I explained her that her party was ruined.

‘Oh that fucking sucks!!’ she says

‘I am really sorry, I wish I could do something about it,’ I said with the plan in mind.

‘No it isn’t your fault… Will us too still go get my stuff?’ she says looking down at her hands.

‘Yeah of course we are,’ I say and she looks up and smiles.

‘Yay!!’ she cheers.

‘Now, we need to eat or it will get cold,’ I say taking a bite of the mushrooms. With that we ate all our breakfast and she got changed into a Blink 182 tee and black skinny jeans. I love her fashion. I got changed into my white Bon Jovie shirt that Michael insists says onion.

We arrived at her old house in a hire truck and we walked in the back door. Her parents agreed to be out while we got her stuff, which really pissed me off that all I had to do was ask.

When we got in we found her rooms left the exact the same as when she left. We started to pack all her movies and CDs into boxes that I had brought. We then moved onto her posters and photos and then other stuff she had on her drawers.

3 hours has passed and it was now 2pm. I didn’t need to have Charlotte back until 6pm for the surprise. The boys were already done, which surprised me so they are going to go back to their own houses. At 5pm they are going to go touch up the place making it perfect.

‘Ok you ready to get your instruments?’ I asked her.

‘Yeah, but Luke where am I going to put them all??

‘Well I was thinking of making the room you are staying in the music room and then you share with me?’ I hesitate.

‘Oh yeah that could work,’ she said really calmly and walked into her music room.

We had finally got everything in the truck and it was now 5:30pm. Perfect.

‘Oh wow it is 5:30pm and I haven’t eaten anything all day other than my beautiful breakfast. Did you wanna stop by Noodle Box?’ she asked. Shit! We can’t get food because there is heaps at the house.

‘Um yeah, I need to go home and get my wallet first,’ I say hoping she would go with it.

‘Yeah,’ she replied. Perfect!

I got my phone out and texted Calum.

Luke: Hey we are leaving now, everything ready? Is everyone there?

Calum: Yeah it is perfect! Stop stressing!!

We got to the house and we both walked in.

‘Why do I even need to come with you? You are only getting your wallet?’ she asks as she walks around to the kitchen.

‘SURPRISE!!! HAPPY 18TH BIRTHDAY CHARLOTTE!!’ everyone cheered in sync.

‘YOU FUCKER!!’ she said turning around and pointing to me.

‘SURPRISE!!’ I said laughing.

‘So we aren’t going to Noodle Box?’ she asked and I just laughed.

‘No!! Enjoy your party!!’ I said and everyone cheered.

*Charlotte’s POV*

I was so surprised at what Luke did for me. I went over to the food table and Luke followed closely behind me.

‘What the hell is this?’ I ask looking at a tray of bread that had butter and 100’s n 1000’s on it.

‘What do you mean what is this?’ he replied.

‘What is it?’ I asked through a giggle.

‘It is fairy bread… only the best thing in the world and I wasn’t letting your party not have fairy bread,’ Luke said picking 1 up for me and 1 for him.

‘Here try it and if you don’t like it we can’t be together,’ he said giving me the piece of bread. I just rolled my eyes at him knowing he was joking around. I take a bite and it is surprisingly delicious.

‘How is it? Are we still together?’ he asks and I just laugh.

‘No we are done,’ I joke around. He just frowns.

‘I’m kidding I love you and this bread and sprinkle thing,’ I said and give him a kiss on the cheek.

‘Good,’ he said and we both laughed.

It was now 11pm and I had only had 3 drinks. Luke was older than me so he was also drinking. He has had about 3 shots and 2 cocktails and you could tell he was getting drunk.

‘Baabbe doo you want a drink??’ he slurred. I thought to myself about this and I decided that it is my 18th birthday and you only have that once so I might as well.

‘Yeah of what?’ I ask and he smiled.

‘A shot of vodka??’ he asked.

‘Yep sounds good,’ I said and we walked to the bar.

When I was walking over I could see Calum and Steph in the other room obviously shitfaced and she was all over Calum. I knew he loved it because he was just letting it happen.

‘What can I get you birthday girl?’ the bar tender asked.

‘2 shots of vodka, but can you spice it up a bit?’ I asked

‘Yeah do you want me to add cranberry juice?’ he asked.

‘Yeah ok,’ I said not caring.

He place the 2 shots on the bar and Luke and I downed em. I decided to get my phone out and take some photos.

This birthday was perfect!

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