You Cursed Me

This is my entry for The Vampire Diaries competition.
Some believe it's a magical thing to be a vampire, but I know that not to be true. I am one of the first vampires to ever exist. For decades I've been tracing the person who turned me into this monster, but I'm always one step behind him. He put me in this hell I have to call a life and I'm going to make him pay for it.
(I edited my own cover)


4. Breakthrough

   I walk into my apartment and kick my shoes off. After going on a successful hunt I'm in need of another shower. Since I went out early I was able to catch a deer and a couple other little animals. I drink the blood of animals because in a way it's better than harming a human just to feed me. I don't want to harm anyone really, but unfortunately I need blood to "live." I put the dead animal bodies in the fridge and head to my room to shower. I take off my dusty clothes and hop in to rinse off. I watch the water turn red as I rinse off my body, so much red. Once all of the blood is off of my body I turn off the water and get out. 

   I walk into my study room to find my files. I go to the cabinet and pull out the file that reads "Phillip" and set it on my couch. I open it and look at all of my little notes which isn't much. I put dates to my notes, I wrote down when I met him, when I would talk to him and what we talked about, I have the day he took me, and everything that happened in the chambers. The dates don't mean anything and they certainly don't help me find out who the man was. The dates give me piece of mind and somehow give me peace. I stared at one date in particular December 10, 1452, the day I died.  I put that page aside and start reading all the others. There has to be something in here that I can link to my mystery man and I just can't find it.

     I look over at my clock and see that it says 6:50 pm. I have been reading literally all day what time did I start? Sometime at noon I figure who knows. I put down the papers and lay down to look at the ceiling maybe a clue will be there somewhere. I hear a knock on my door and sit up. Who is knocking on my door? I open the door to find no one standing there. Someone must have ding dong ditched me I guess. I step out to look down the hall and hear feel a crinkle under my foot. I look down puzzled to see flowers? Someone sent me flowers? Why and who? I pick them up and see they're pretty dark red roses. I look for a note or something and find a tiny piece of paper tucked under one of the flowers. I open it: 

                                                                      L. L. 

    Who the hell is that? I don't know ANYONE with those initials absolutely no one. I hear a loud smack at my window. I start to get irritated what is going on? I go to the window and throw the curtains open. I look down to see someone standing down on the sidewalk. It's hard to see who it is so I run out the door and down the stairs. I run over to where the person was standing and see that it's still there. As I get closer I begin to make out the person's features. It's a girl in a tight black vest with a red tank top underneath and black jeans. I start to realize who is standing there, but I don't know exactly why. "What are you doing here?" I say. "Weren't you wondering who those are from?" She looks down at the roses in my hand. "I'm guessing it was you, Carlie. Why L.L. though? Those aren't your initials." I know that much. "You got my note didn't you? Man you aren't as smart as I thought." I stand in silence. What does the note she left me have to do with L.L.? "Little Lady, that's what it stands for. That's what the bartender called me last night at the bar." She says and suddenly I feel quite stupid. 

    "Oh yeah, right. Why give me flowers if we aren't going to see each other again? You very well understood what last night was, it was just a night." I stare at her and I watch her smile fade. "I thought about you all day. I know it sounds dumb I mean we don't even know each other. There's just something about you. Can I come up to your apartment?" Her big eyes looking at me, "You are a one night stand, do you hear me? You are nothing more than a good night to me and I don't want anything more than that. Take your flowers if you want them back. They're pretty but I don't want them if they're from a person." I put the bouquet in her soft hands and turn around to go back upstairs. "I saw the notes in the extra room that I'm guessing is a study." I stop dead in my tracks, shit. I turn back around and look at her and know what I have to do. "Are you a writer? Is that what you do for a living? Why didn't you just tell me that last night? I'm assuming you're working on a book about someone historical. It looked like diary entries that someone wrote. I'm sorry for snooping in your stuff I just couldn't sleep after you were asleep so I wandered around and found that. It sounds like a mystery story and it seems cool." My face regains it's color as I hear her say those words. She thinks I'm a writer, okay I'll go with it. 

    "Are you sure your name doesn't mean little detective? Well you pinned the tail on the donkey I am a writer." She smiles and I walk back up to her. "I'm guessing that's still a no on coming up to your place right?" I nod. "Okay hear me out. Your story sounds good and I'm interested in it. If you're trying to crack the mystery then can I help you?" I look down at her. Maybe I need a new set of eyes this could work. "You can help, but today is a new day. From now on we're friends and nothing more." She looks down then looks back up at me. "Okay." Her tone suddenly changed from happy to sad. I begin to walk upstairs to my apartment and she follows me. This is a bad idea that probably won't work but it's worth a shot. 

    We both sit down on the couch and I hand her all of the papers. I know that no where in here ever says my name so she won't know I wrote these and I'm actually a vampire. After a few minutes she looks up at me.

"Have you ever thought that maybe this girl is looking too hard?"

"What do you mean?" I ask.

"She's trying to pin point the smell too hard so she won't let herself figure out what it is. By ignoring everything else she is also blocking out the smell of her killer." I jump up. "You're a goddamn genius. I'll be right back." I run into my room and sit on the bed. I relax and let myself sink back into the memory of that day. The chamber walls come up and the scents come along with it. I breathe in and after a few minutes of doing so I just smell the grossness of the walls. Nothing new at all it was too good to be true. I slowly start to leave the memory, but something stops me. A new scent something I've never smelled before coming from the direction of where the man is. I breathe in as fast as I can and I get it, cherries. 

   Cherries? Why would a damn killer smell like cherries? That's my big clue are you kidding me? Calm down at least you have a smell now. I walk back downstairs and see Carlie headed towards the fridge. I run as fast as I can right at her. She turns around and looks at me with a confused look on her face. "You're the guest I'll get it for you. Go sit down." I tell her. I don't want to find out how she would react if she found dead animals in my fridge. "How old are you?" She asks me. "I'm nineteen, how old are you I'm hoping you're legal." I laugh. "I'm twenty one. I was at a bar last night as were you." I pause, shit! "A girl has to have fun somehow." I wink at her and she laughs. I walk back over to her and give her a drink. I sit back down next to her. "This could actually work you know." She looks over at me. "I know it can, but why did you say it like that? You didn't believe it would did you?" I look down. "It's complicated." She picks up a paper and starts reading again. "Well we've got plenty of time right?" She says with a reassuring smile.



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