her name is savanna, she was only 9. she was walking home from school from what teacher said. her bffs said she never walked home with them but they saw her running down the sidewalk.... where is savanna rose Suzuki? will she be found?


2. the man and the mystery

                                                                   kidnappers perspective

"they'll never find you here...": the man cackled. savannas sobs were drowned out by the duct tape over her mouth. her hands where tied to a chair. the man walked out of the room as she kicked the chair, making her and the chair fall over. " stupid girl." the man muttered, switching of the lights...........    


I saw her running. I was afraid of myself.....the way her red sweater around her waist flew in the wind. I needed her. no one else. just the little girl with the blue cordory dress and black as night braids going down to her shoulders. her stripped blue and green leggings where so cute, that they where unbearable.  I could hear he cawing in between laughter as she pertended to be a bird. I didn't want to  harm her. I wanted a child of my own. was this really right? I said stepping out of my house. it was only 16 days away from Halloween. I could pull the hey! I have some candy, trick. was this right? I questioned my self as I grabbed the bowl of candy. " hey girl!" I called out trying to pull of my sweet smile. " yes?" she answered turning her head. " are you lost?" I asked nealing down next to her. " I don't know!  I'm following my memory" she answered un suspicious. " what are you gonna be for Halloween?" I asked holding out the bowl. " I'm- I should ask if I can have candy." she answered beginning to walk away. " wanna see my new cat?" I ask grabing her hand. " mmm no thanks!" she says taking her other hand, and slaps my hand.  " how dare you! " I yell grabbing her braids. " get in her jacky! you cannot go outside!" I yell pertending she is mine. before  she can scream I put my hand over her mouth. as I drag her into my house I think to myself. " change of plans much."  I take her into my kitchen. I have to stay serious. I grab a bottle of apple juice and clear vodka. mixing these will nock her out. ill tell her its organic.  just in case I have chloroform in the bathroom  just in case she wont take it. " here sweetie' I said handing her the cup. " this smells weird" she complained as I walked to the bathroom. I open my cabinet. I grab a wash cloth.

I walk out of the bathroom, keeping my nose as far away from the cloth as possible. when I get back, half the drink is gone." I wan- wan- wanted to be helpful to you sir.' she said almost falling over. it is organic, my mom bought some one time. she said. " mhm." I mumble. she turns around to grab her drink. when I put the cloth up to her nose she struggles for like 5 seconds then she falls into my arms. " wow." I whisper. I don't want to hurt her but she is gorgeous. maybe just once. has she hit puberty yet? I think. I kiss her on the forhead as I carry her down to my basement. I'm tired. I think to myself maybe the smell has gotten to me? I tie her to the couch in my basement so she wont escape. I walk up my stairs. its 10:00 pm. what about her family? they'll be after me in no time. 

     SHE IS MINE NOW.....                                                                         





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