55 days with Luke

"I love you so much it hurts. Maybe thats the cancer.


1. 55 Days With Luke

55 Days With Luke

Day One- The day we met.

Day Two- The day we hung out

Day Three- The first time we texted

Day Four- The first time we left the park together

Day Ten- Day he sang me a song

Day 13(I forgot how to spell it XD)- The day we burned something together.

day 17-The day we went to my house

Day 20- the day we met his friends

Day 23- The day we went to his house

Day 24- the day he met my friends

Day 27- the day we first kissed

Day 34- The day we became BF and GF

Day 40- The day I found out he was Dying

Day 42- the first(and last) time he did my hair

Day 44- the day we dyed his hair green

Day 45-The day we slept out on his trampoline

Day 47- the day he went to The ER

Day 49- The day he said he loved me

Day 53- the day he went on Life Support

Day 55- The day I lost him

Day 1-

Day 2-

Day 3- Eulogy Writing

Day 4-

Day 5- Prayers

Day 6- Funeral

Day 7-


The End

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