Her Sad Brown Eyes

"You love me" she asked
"I loved you since I saw you"
"Then why do we do this?"
"Do what?"
"Play these dumb games"
"I just need you"
there were tears in her eyes which made them a sad brown.


1. High School and Middle School

My part.

I am Jack and I am 16 years old. I am in 10 grade and I fell in love with her for the first time, I was with my friend Alex in my hallway and middle school was mixed with us, and her locker was right in front of mine. She was talking to this tall whitish guy and it kinda made me a little upset but why? I shouldn't be she isn't even mine. "Go talk to her" Alex said pushing me ahead and she looked at me smiling. "Hey" she said and I smiled and waved, "so wassup?" she asked and I shrugged, "nothing just wondering if you wanted to chill after school?" I asked and she nodded and looked at the boy who was there. "My name is Justin" he said and walked away and she smiled, "don't mind him he is being a bit cranky today" she said and waved good bye. I smiled and waved back, she was very pretty and I turned to Alex. "Thanks for the favor" I said and went to class. I saw her walking in the hall yelling at the boy who was there and he was yelling at her back. I slowly got up and sneaked to the hall, "what are you talking about?" she yelled at him and he almost pushed her but I stepped in the way, "THIS IS WHAT I AM TALKING ABOUT" he yelled and walked away and into my class I looked at her. "You okay?" I asked and she nodded, "how about ditch?" she asked and I nodded. She pulled my arm out the doors and we sat in front of the stairs, we sat besides eachother and she looked at me, "what grade are you in?" I asked and she shrugged, "8th grade which sucks" she said and I chuckled, "try being in 10th even worse" I said and she smiled, "so who was that boy?" I asked and she sighed, "not trying to be nosy or anything" I said and she nodded. "Its okay and that's Justin, he is a friend of mine" she said and I looked at her seriously, "a friend? a friend doesn't treat you like that" I said and she nodded, "I know it's not healthy and stuff but that is my friend" she said and I nodded. "Im Jack by the way" I said and she pulled her hand to shake it, "Im Julie" she said and we shook hands. I smiled and she chuckled, "there's a teacher" she said and I grabbed her hand and ran, we were laughing until we got to her house, "thanks again and I saved my Kik on your phone" she said and I nodded, she hugged me and went inside. I smiled and started walking home and she had already given me a message.

Julie: Thanks for today it made it better

Me: You welcome friend

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