Never Expected This

She cursed life for all that is had given her. Always wished for something better. I wanted that for her. She wears strength and darkness equally well, the girl has always been half goddess, half hell. Never expected to meet anyone quite like her. Isabelle McFadder, the goddess and hell of my life.


2. Chapter 2

The car is beautiful. I have no clue what he does for a living but it must pay. The car is the luxurious car I have ever been in. I was too afraid to move or breath.

A few times I would feel him stare at me. And few times of those times are eyes would meet. He would smile, then again it's not like his smile ever left but it grew wider. After A few turns and red lights we had arrived at my hotel.

"Thanks for the ride." I said. Honestly, i was quite happy that the car ride was over.  Now I can breath or move without thinking if I was annoying or a jittery kid.

"It was my pleasure Isabelle." He said smiling.

I wonder if it hurts smiling as much as he did. Or how can a person be as happy as him. I wish I could be always happy. I'm not depressed or anything. But let's just say me and life have two different agenda.

"Well, thank you, again for the ride." I said. As I opened the door, i turned to face him. He's still looking at me. I smiled back. Why am I smiling back?

"Isabelle." He said.

"Yes, Brendan?" I said.

"Could I.... May I have your number?" He said. He's nervous. My turn to have some fun.

"And why would you want it?" I said. He mumbled something unaudiable.

"What was that?" I said. I'm liking this and he knows it.

"I said, so we can keep in touch... Since you know, you aren't going to be around."

"Who said I'm not going to be around?"

"Well, it's logical. You're from Ottawa."

"And that restrics me from driving here? I don't think so." I said

"No it does not but it doesn't seem smart." He said. I got out of the car.

"Don't worry, you'll see me around." I said.

" Isabelle, you're one hell of a girl." He said, smirking. I'm starting to think that's his thing. Nevertheless, he's too cocky.

"And you're one confident man, Brendan." I said.

I walked to the hotel, and when up the elevator. I kept replaying the events of tonight. Not in a million would I think this would happen. And trust me when I said that. I litterally thing of the possible scenario's. What can I say I like being prepared.

I opened the door to our room, and found Annie sitting in her pj's.

"Ann, what are you doing here?" I said. I knew why she was here. She wanted all of the juicy details of Brendan. I hoped she wouldn't ask. Please don't ask. Please don't ask.

"Cute, you don't know why I'm here. Cut the act and spil it." She said extremely bubbly.

"What do you want me to say?" 

"Name, age, profession, where he lives, do you like him, sibblings, fam...."

"Whoa Ann, I just meet the guy. I didn't  ask all of those quesstions." I said.

" You don't know these important information about him? Iz!" 

" What? I just got his name." I said.

"Only his name! Are you well child?"

"Yes, I'm fine Ann. I think you're  over exaggerating things here."

"Okay, fine. Can you at least tell me what happened?" She said. I sighed but revealed everything that had occurred. Once I had finished, she didn't wait long before commenting.

"You idiot. You beautiful idiot. Why didn't you give him your number?"

"Well for starters, I don't know him. He could be a rapist for all we know." I said.

"You always have to be so negative."

"Not negative; logical." I said. She let out a big sigh.

"Well, I give you promps for keeping him guessing if you like him or not." She said.

"Thank you but on a more important not, I can't believe we start uni in 2 weeks." I said excited.

"I know, don't remind me." She said falling on the queen size bed.

"Oh cheer up, it can't be that bad." I said.

"You say this now, but wait till Thanks giving. That answer will change." She said.

" Sure it will." I said sarcastically.

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