Never Expected This

She cursed life for all that is had given her. Always wished for something better. I wanted that for her. She wears strength and darkness equally well, the girl has always been half goddess, half hell. Never expected to meet anyone quite like her. Isabelle McFadder, the goddess and hell of my life.


15. Chapter 15

That day passed by quickly and slowly at the same time. He called me when he landed and that made me happy. He was telling me about his plane ride there. And that his parents are coming to his game. It got me wondering if I'll ever meet them. Before I could ask the question, he stopped talking. I could hear the boys making fun of him as he was now whispering to me.

"Yeah so. Are you good?" he asked. But all I could feel was the sound of his voice giving my body chills.

"Mhmm" I said. I didn't trust my voice to say anything.

"You dont sound to sure?" He said again in that low husky whisper. I let out a breath that I was holding in. 


"El?" I let in the feeling his voice was giving me now. But that's all I was going to get. Just the feeling that his voice was giving me.

"You're such a tease." I finally say.

"How so?" He asked in a normal tone this time.

"It was as if I could... you know what no. Just don't whisper to me if you're not in the same room as me. "

"Well El, technically we are in the same room." He laughs and so do I.

"You know what I mean."

"Oh so whispers turns you on?" I could just imagine the smirk on his face right now. That stupid cute smirk.

"You'll just have to find that out for yourself next time." I say.

"Fair enough. Anyways, I have to let you go now."

"Okay" I said cheerfully.

"I'll text you later before the game baby girl." He said. Babygirl, that word made my heart skip a beat. It sucked that he's wasn't here but right now I'm glad because he cannot see my flushed face.

"Okay." I said after a short silence I let the words out.

"I miss you." I finally say.

"I miss ya too." He says.

"Okay well, à tout à l'heure" He chuckles.

"Again, I'm not french El." I laugh at his comment out nervousness.

"Right. Sorry...But still how?" I asked in disbelief

"I don't know maybe you're a bad teacher." 

"Or maybe you're a horrible student?" I retorted back

"Are you being witty with me?" I tried so hard to keep my act going but failed. I let out small giggles

"I can feel you smirking from the other side of the line." 

"Oh? Is that so?" I say sarcastically

"Yes that is the case Miss McFadder."

"Well, Mister Gallagher, you're just going to have to live with it." I say.

" Damn it!" He says pretending to be mad. We both laugh. But when he stops, he whispers again. I felt like he was here, next to me.

"But when I get back, you're so getting it."

"We'll see about that. But like you said, you need to get going. I'll talk to you after your game." He agreed and said his goodbye.

But that was about it with my day. I sat down in front of the t.v and watched the first thing the popped up. Since I'm not a big t.v type of gal I had no clue what the shows name was but it was pretty interesting. It was only when I got to the end that I got that information.

But my day was spent afterwards like any typical nerd would. Reading. I ignored my phone till I finished reading the Stranger for the hundredth time. I was getting to my favorite part but that's when I heard a knock at the door. Annoyed by the fact someone dared to bother me during my me time. I took my phone and checked on any new texts I may have received and got up and went to go answer the door. I opened the door but wasn't paying much attention to who I was opening the door to. How could I? When Brendan texted me. But the person cleared their voice to draw my attention towards them. The moment I laid my eyes on her I immediately got angry.

She was back. 

At his door 


"You?" She told me in a disgusted voice.

"What do you want?" I asked her showing my hatred for her. Frankly I didn't care if I was showing it or not. I do not like her.

"I'm here to see Brendan." She said. "But I keep opening the door to you" the last word sounded like venom. She was eyeing me head to toe like she did during our first encounter. I would have felt self conscience. But I don't about what she thinks about me. And for some odd reason I just wanted to shut her down once and for all. So I may have said something that may have been stretching the truth.

"That's because Catherine, he's my boyfriend." her faced dropped instantly. 

Score: 1-0 bitch

"That.... that can't be true. He was.... was with me not even 3 months ago." She said.

"Were you one of his previous one night stands? Well I'm sorry to say this but he's moved on." I said mocking her. But she seemed to find her tongue again.

"I don't believe you" She said. And in that exact moment Brendan called. The universe has really been good to me lately. Too good but I don't dare to question it. I have a plan to execute and that's making sure this Catherine person finally leaves me and Brendan alone. So I answer his call and tell her to wait a moment.

"Hey babe! How are you?" I asked cheerfully.

"I'm good. And you? " He asked. I smile wider. And she was getting angrier by the second. I was loving this.

"I'm fantastic. I was just preparing super for myself."

"That's great... Isabelle, are you sure you're okay?" He said concerned. "You don't sound like you're normal self."

"Well, normal me is quite boring some days. And it's been awhile since I've heard your voice."

"Aww, does my little Belle miss me?"

"Yes. Yes she does." At this point she lets out a high pitch scream out of frustration. 

"What was that?" He asked. I smiled at Catherine with my fakes one ever .

"Nothing, just this fan that doesn't get that she's not coming inside the house." I looked at her. From head to toe like she's done to me and previous times in the past. She's not getting him. She's not going to make me feel small. She's not going to win. But my mind was asking me "Why do you care so much?" And honestly, maybe it was me proving that I wasn't that girl you could push around. I maybe a silent girl but I'm someone you push around.

"My boyfriend is gonna start playing soon so I think it's time for you to leave." I tell her and slam the door in her face before letting her reply back. I took a deep breath.


"So. Boyfriend eh?" I heard someone say. I didn't notice that I was still on the phone with him. And now that my anger left, I'm quite embarrassed with myself for giving us a label before we talked about it.

"Yea... I guess we could say that." I tell him.

"You guess? Or you know?" He asked. I knew now this was a question that would decide for any future me and Brendan might have. So i tried to let my brain shut down and allow my heart to speak.

"Yea. Cos I like you... you know?" is what I said. Remember key word... Tried. As nervous I was by all of this, he let out a small laugh and said.

"Well, I like you too Isabelle." I nodded.

"Good luck."

"Thank you" He says not going back to our last conversation. And hangs up. The game was like the last one. But this time my Brendan scored twice and each time he pointed at the sky.

They were for me.

He scored for me.

And I went to bed a happy girl.

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