Love is Sweeter the second time around

How does it feel when your best friend goes on holiday with you? Amazing! How does it feel when your best friend gets a boyfriend? Even greater?
How about when you kiss your best friend's boyfriend behind her back?....


1. On top of the world!

Thursday 14th August 2016


Dear diary,


Here I am on a plane in between to random strangers I can't even write my diary without one of them peeking over and saying something about what I am writing. The person next to me is an old lady who smells like sweets and every time I turn to face her, she squeezing my red rosy cheeks. 

Closes diary.

"She does smell like sweets doesn't she," He said sniffing the air with his long, pointy nose.

"Well since I wrote it..." I mumbled

I turned the other way taking a big gasp of air. All of a sudden, something blocked the gasp, 2 long, wrinkly arms stretched across  my face. Suddenly, I felt a tug on both my cheeks.

"Oh your just so cute!" The old women smiled, tugging my cheeks even tighter each time.

"Oh.. we're back again with the cheek tugging" I smiled, doing my best not to frown. 


A swarm of hotness came over me as my face began to color in red. I looked like a tomato with long ombre hair.

My cheeks started to become numb since this old lady was tugging on my cheeks. I needed to find air. The bathroom! I darted to the bathroom, almost dragging the old lady with me.

Exhausted, tired and out of breath, I opened my diary while still not being able to feel my cheeks.

Anyway, me and my parents are flying to Spain since my dad is directing the new movie Teen Spy 2. Them 2 are both sitting in first class while I am stuck in between nosy and. I'm not even sure what to call the grandma. My parents promised that this holiday that my best friend Ella could come with me and they actually kept their promise. Ella is sitting next to to other teenage girls : ones that don't squeeze your cheeks or constantly staring at what your doing. Anyway, I had better go now , i have been in here for 5 minutes and there is a 7 person que.


Your Sincerely,


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