Love is Sweeter the second time around

How does it feel when your best friend goes on holiday with you? Amazing! How does it feel when your best friend gets a boyfriend? Even greater?
How about when you kiss your best friend's boyfriend behind her back?....


2. No entrance!

I walked out the bathroom while all 7 people were glaring at me with an angry expression on their faces. Awkwardly, I slipped away. I strolled over to the seat where Ella was sitting but she was taking selfies with the other girls.A rage of jealousy came over me. Don't you just hate it when your best friend is make best friends with someone else? My face went back bright red and I tried to drain the color but it wasn't working. Carefully, I walked to the first class entrance and peered round the curtain. All of a sudden, a tight grip gripped around my arm and pulled me back. 


"Back to your seat!" he growled, standing in front of the curtain.

"Oh is this because Max Cloudfield is back there but don't worry I don't like him anyway ," I replied, trying to make my way passed him.

Max Cloudfield is  a massive celebrity and everyone has a crush on him due to his good looks. He has spiky brown hair with loads of gel on and it's more like there is hair in his gel. He is so tanned and has a six pack and most people wanna snog his face of but he seems really uptight and full of himself.

"Oh so your just another crazy fan?" He asked, while his smirk was growing even bigger.

"Like I just said I don't like him, my dad is just directing his movie," I groaned, slightly lifting one eyebrow higher than the other.

"Yes, like your the director's daughter. Now back to your seat!" He screeched, directing me back to my seat.

I groaned as I got sent back to my seat. I decided the best decision was to look down since I could now feel warmth back in my cheeks.Carefully, I grabbed my travel bag from beneath the seat and grabbed my golden pocket mirror out my bag, it had pink polka-dots on.Slowly, i looked in the mirror checking my hair, foundation and lipstick. I angled the mirror in a certain way and something caught my eye. Eye-catching, gob-smacked and surprised, I saw Ella and the other two girls go into first class while her long, luscious blonde hair was waving behind her.


Angrily, I stormed over once again to the security guard.


"What you let them in but not me?" I frowned, trying to quickly get passed.

"because no one knew about the director's daughter's friend coming on holiday with them and she just knew and since now she is staying behind there, I no longer need to keep it a secret," he smirked

"But I knew.." I replied, pointing at my self in anger.

"Yes but I knew before that," I said my face finally becoming like a tomato again.

" So then you would have had no problem saying so when trying to get in," He replied back, itching his bald, shiny head. 

I swear to god as long as he is in the room we don't need any lights on, especially with his head.

"I didn't think it mattered," I continued, this time my voice getting more stricter.

"Well it did," he smirked.


" Young lady lower your voice before I escort you of this plane my self," he sneered. 

" I am only 16 I can't wonder round the streets by my self,"

"Then I suggest you go back to your seat," he once again sneered.

I took all the air up on my massive sigh and walked back to my seat. I avoided looking up just in case the women started to wiggle my cheeks again. 

"Just my look!" I mumbled, leaning on both my cheeks so it looked like they were both stretched. 

BANG! CRASH!I jumped out of my skin as my face drained white. False alarm! Just that one of the waitresses dropped some plates. Scanning the room, i noticed that the bathroom que was free and jumped out of my seat and sprinted to the bathroom. I splashed my face with some ice cold water and decided to stay in the bathroom until the end of the flight. This may seem selfish but now the old granny has fell asleep and is snoring and slobbering so it seems quite appropriate to stay in here. I wrapped my arms round me noticing that the air vent was blowing out quite cold air. I looked above me looking at the ceiling it was so detailed with drawing of angels. It was just then I noticed a vent right next to the shaft that was blowing cold air. If i climb on the toilet then I can get through the air vent and get to first class. Carefully, I climbed on the toilet seat while climbing in the vent. PLOP! Slowly, i turned round to find that my phone dropped out of my back pocket into the toilet. I climbed back out the vent grabbing my phone out of the toilet while wiping it with a towel. It was broke . I closed my eyes to imagine that this moment was not real. To me my phone is like loosing your cat or dog. I went back up to the vent trying to find the way to fist class there was so many vents. I also managed to get into the luggage room. Slowly I army crawled my way through the tiny and stuffy vents until i finally reached first class. I could see the other two girls apart from Ella and Max. I was scanning the room from up a both but non of them were in-sight.I then noticed that I didn't check the fist class bathroom. Scared,worried and fearful, i crawled slowly to the bathroom vent hoping not to see anything...


Gob-smacked, I looked in the bathroom and there was Ella and Max snogging.

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