Dont Do it

Dess and Maddie have been Bestfriends since they met. The day Dess and Maddie moved out was the day Everything changed. Dess meets Sam pottorff from 02l and the instanly fall inlove and Maddie meets Jc caylen from the same group and falls inlove. The there comes Kian lawley, Who falls for both of them. What happens when Kian takes his feelings WAY too far? Will they forgive him or will they not? Find out in Dont do it


4. What happened?!?!?


She went underwater and grabbed me and yanked me under. I screamed like a girl im not gonna lie cause it scared the carp out of me. When I came back up she was already back up laughing at me, So i grabbed her from the legs picked her up and threw her over my shoulder.

Me- you shouldn't have done that boo. I said while smirking

Dess- Sam please...I didn't mean to i love you

Me- I love you too but your going to pay for that. And before she could say anything i threw her from over my shoulder and fell into the water with her. 


She came back up for some air and just glared at me but that didn't last long because she couldn't help but smile. I thought 'wow her smile is so fucking amazing i just want to kiss her' so bad. I couldn't help but stare at my girl. and yes i said MY girl because one day i want to make her mine.


*3 weeks later*

Ever since the day on the beach me and Dess have been closer than ever but Kian is acting weird. Like every time me and Dess's heads touch he seems to get angry and clench his fist and it's just the same as when Jc and Maddie are holding hands his Jaw clenches and he brings his 'I'm gonna kill you' face on. Does he like Dess? Does he like Maddie? If he does the i have to mak her mine and tell Jc to make Maddie his...FAST




____________________________________________________________________________________________Sorry this is a short chapter but school and homework is hard...dont worry im going to make the 5th chapter soon...maybe tonight idk but its going to be very soon. Love you all and stay beautiful -Love dess

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