Dont Do it

Dess and Maddie have been Bestfriends since they met. The day Dess and Maddie moved out was the day Everything changed. Dess meets Sam pottorff from 02l and the instanly fall inlove and Maddie meets Jc caylen from the same group and falls inlove. The there comes Kian lawley, Who falls for both of them. What happens when Kian takes his feelings WAY too far? Will they forgive him or will they not? Find out in Dont do it


7. The accident

Dess POV

Last night was the best, most memorable nights i have ever had. I tried slipping out of Sam's grip, which only made him grip tighter. Then i heard the door opened and Kian came in, so i faked slept hoping to here their conversation.

Kian- Hey can i talk to you? He asked

Sam- Sure...what's up bro?

Kian- Do you like Dess? He asked which i was scared now of Sam's answer

Sam- No. He said my heart sunk and i felt like crying

Sam- I absolutely love her. He said which i felt myself blush

I heard Kian groan in annoyance and i heard movement. So i opened one eye so i could see everything. Kian was in Sam's face standing up. Sam was only like 2 inches shorter than him so you couldn't really see the difference.

Kian- I will take her away from you if it is the last thing i do. He spat through gritted teeth and left.

Sam just stood there looking into space thinking i guess cause he didn't move, he just stood their like a statue. I kinda scared me. So i got up and started walking towards him. I put my hand on his shoulder. He almost automatically turned his head to look at me

Sam- Hey beautiful, you feelin' alright? he asked referring to my area.

Me- Yeah. I lied, it felt like an elephant kicked me repeatedly. He must have noticed i was lying because he chuckled and picked me up bridal style. 

Sam- Sorry baby-girl i didn't know i was that big. He said with a smirk. I gave him a playful glare and smiled cause it was actually funny. 

Sam- So what do you want to do today? He asked

Me- I don't know...want to go hang with some friends of your's? I asked

Sam- Yeah, wait the both of us right?

Me- No just you. I said and sent him a toothy smile

Sam smiled and tried to kiss me but i blocked it.

Sam- What? why not?

Me- Because, morning breath

Sam- So i just want my kiss. He said and went for it again but i have fast reflexes so i turned so he was kissing my cheek. I turned back to him only to see him fake pouting. I just giggled and stood up went to the closet to pick out my clothes and went for the bathroom.

My outfit-


I'm a tomboy so me and Sam are almost dressing the same. I came out the bathroom to see Sam wearing almost the exact same outfit

His outfit-

Me and Sam looked at each other with the same expression, Surprised. He came over to me and pulled me to him.

Sam- May i have me kiss now? He asked

Me- Yes you may. I said and leaned i and kissed him. He started to walk backwards until i hit the door. His hands were roaming my body and i couldn't help but let out a moan. He smirked into the kiss so i thought i would tease him. I put my hand on his chest and started going down util i reached his V-line. I felt him shudder and i smirked. 

Sam- Bae s-stop...that turns me on. He said and stuttered

Me- Then don't tease me. I said and went to the door to go downstairs to see Maddie and Jc sucking each others faces off.

Me- Hey when you 2 are down swallowing each other Madds do you want to go to the mall with me? I asked

Maddie- Yeah let me go get dressed. She said When she was done we said by to our boyfriends and went to the mall. 

Me- So i see you and Jc are inlove. I said emphasizing the word 'Inlove'. I turned to look at her she turned away from me so i couldn't see her blushing  

Maddie- Shut up i heard you and Sam getting it on last night. She said then i was the one blushing

We got into the mall and went straight to Aeropostale. That place is like our favorite. When we were done it was around 9:32 p.m. Woah we left the house at 1 o'clock. We went to the car ad put the bags in and looked around because i had this feeling the we were being followed. 

Maddie- Dess..umm do you have that feeling too. She asked and looked back.

Me- Yeah actually do. I looked in the rear mirror behind us was a car that looked liked Kians. I didn't hear anything after that except for Maddie's screams because we hit head on with the car infront of us and everything went black.

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