Dont Do it

Dess and Maddie have been Bestfriends since they met. The day Dess and Maddie moved out was the day Everything changed. Dess meets Sam pottorff from 02l and the instanly fall inlove and Maddie meets Jc caylen from the same group and falls inlove. The there comes Kian lawley, Who falls for both of them. What happens when Kian takes his feelings WAY too far? Will they forgive him or will they not? Find out in Dont do it


1. Let's just leave

(Dess POV)


My name is Destanie but i go by Dess. Im 18 years old im the only child. But... I have a bestfriend and her name is Maddie. She is like an older sister to me, but same age just a month or whatever. We did everything together until the day my dad found out that my mom cheated on him with his own BROTHER. She was furious and blamed me for eveything. Then came the abuse. She not only did it to me but did it to Maddie everytime she came over. Then one day me and Maddie decided to move away.


*The day we ran away*


Me- Maddie okay...Goddam you talk to much

Maddie- Okay...but you got the plan now? She asked raising her eyebrow

Me- Yes... We pack our stuff and 7:00 we eat dinner. Then come back to my room, you go into my moms room and get the 10,00 dollars she keeps under the bed that says 'No touch', then we drop our things onto baclony and wait till 10:00 to leave then our ass's are out of this hellhouse. i said laughing at my choice of words. 

Maddie- Good girl i thought you wern't going to keep up with me. She says as the look of fear came over her face as she looked at the door to see standing their was drunk mom.

Mom- What the hell are you looking little bitch. Mom says walking into my room

Maddie- One i was looking at a baboons ass that scared the living shit out of me. she says with a smirk.

Mom- What the hell did you say to me. She said raising her hand making it come across maddie right cheek.

Me- Mom you came in here starting stuff... Im gonna tell you to stop now before you get your ass kicked, Not just by Maddie...But from me too. I said getting infront of Maddie grabbing moms hand before she could hit Maddie again.

*Mom snatched he hand away*

Mom- You guys are annoying i fucking swear. She says walking out the room

Maddie- Your a bitch i fucking swear. She hissed earning a flip off from my mom



Maddie- Hey Dess you ready to go? She whisperd while packing the things from the bathroom

Me- Yeah, just leaving a note for my mom, you know so she wont come looking for us. I said she nodded and i kept writing the not said...



Me and Maddie left 'cause we are tired of being treated this way by you. You did nothing but cause pain and hatred towards you so if you seeing this im just letting you know that me and her are leaving and we too the money from the red box under the bed. And yes im talking about the 10,000 dollars. Dont come looking for us becuase were not coming back. Burn in hell

xoxo Dess&Madd's


Me- Alright in done, grab your phone and lets go. I said walking to the baclony until maddie pulled me back looking concerned and scared

Maddie- Wait...what did the note say? She asked im a scared tone. I just laughed then her expression changed to worried

Me- Maddie dont worry, I just said i hope she burns in hell, for what she has been doing tous for the past 3 years. Maddie look a lil bit shocked at what i just said but then her face turned red and she burst out laughing. I quickly coverd her mouth whit my right hand to keep her from laughing so she wouldn' t wake my mom.

Maddie- Okay, okay c'mon let' s hurry up and leave before our flight misses us. So with saying that we went to the car and drive. i looked out the window and watch the trees go past and thinking that i am free and done with her for good... Well at least i hope we were. 







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