Dont Do it

Dess and Maddie have been Bestfriends since they met. The day Dess and Maddie moved out was the day Everything changed. Dess meets Sam pottorff from 02l and the instanly fall inlove and Maddie meets Jc caylen from the same group and falls inlove. The there comes Kian lawley, Who falls for both of them. What happens when Kian takes his feelings WAY too far? Will they forgive him or will they not? Find out in Dont do it


6. Just let me show you

Kian POV


I am so fucking pissed at Sam. He knew I liked Dess but no...he had to go ask her out before i could even get a chance. The real reason i liked her is because she had a nice body and i wanted to get into her pants...the same go to Maddie. Their both hot and i want thm both to myself but no....Jc asked Maddie out and Sam asked Dess out. ow who am i stuck with...Nobody. I will plan my revenge and i will plan it good.


Dess POV

*1 week later*

It has been 1 week since Sam asked me out. And let me tell you it has been the best week of my life. He has treated my like a queen and i love him for it. He took me out on dates. He took me and Maddie and Jc on a double date once. We went to the fair. I kinda feel bad because Kian stayed home because he didn't have a girlfriend. He is so nice ad sweet and a little too friendly. He is always swiping his had across my ass but i really didnt pay any attention to it until this one time. Sam was sleep in the room ad i went downstairs to make them breakfast. Kian came down and grabbed my ass. So i did what any good girlfriend would do so i turned around and slapped him and went on with my morning. I was pulled out of my thoughts when Sam pecked my cheek.

Sam- You okay babe? he asked and raised his right eyebrow

Me- Yeah why?

Sam- Because i asked you do you want to go too the mall with me later on?

Me- I don't really want to. I don't like lying to him but i had to because i didn't want anything to happen to Kian even though he was in the wrong

Sam- Thats Okay ill get Kian to stay with you. He said

My eyes went wide. Why would he lt Kian stay with me? Oh...right i forgot to tell him that his best friend was hitting on me. gosh I dot know what to do.



Dess has been distant from me. I mean did i do something wrong? I dont know but im going to make her feel loved tonight...if you know what i mean. *wink wink*

Me- Baby?

Dess- Yea? she asked while laying sideways on the bed flipping through the chanels on my tv.

Me- Did i do something wrong?

She stopped what she was doing and got off the bed and turned to look at me

Dess- What do you mean baby? you did nothing wrong

Me- I must have i you are so distant from me. I mean like this morning i woke up without you in my arms. Then i ask you if you want to go to the mall then it's like you blow me off. I said raising my voice a bit

Dess- No. im not being distant i just dont want to go. Really. She said walking foreward a little bit.

Me- STOP LYING TO ME! YOUVE BEEN LYING TO ME FOR TWO WEEKS NOW DESTANIE WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU! I screamed. I looked at Dess and she was about to cry. I now felt bad. i know how she felt about people yelling and screaming at her. She told me if someone screamed at her she would instantly break down. I went to go and hug her but she moved back. Now i really felt like my heart broke.


Dess POV


I was about to cry. He knew how i felt about people yelling at me. I dont know why he would. He tried to give me a hug but i backed up. Im not gonna lie the way he yelled at me scared me alot. He started to walk forward slowley. Every step he took i took one back until my back was against the corner of the dark room. Shit! im trapped. he walked up to me and put both of his hands on each side of me until his body was close to mine. 

Sam- sorry i screamed at you. He said with a sorrow look on his face

Me- Why would y-you do s-scared me.




Dess- Why would y-you do s-scared me

I genuily felt terrible i scared my babygirl and now she probably scared of me. I really dont know what got into me. I didnt mean to scare her i just wated to know the truth. I put my hand up to her cheeks and caressed my hand over her jawline

Me- I didn't mean to baby...i just dont like it when you lie to me

Dess stared at me. I guess she was looking for a emotion in me. I pulled my body closer to her while looking into her eyes. She was smirking at me while I pushed my hips onto hers making her gasp. I smiled. I leaned down and kissed her soft plump lips. I wrapped my arms protectively around her waist causing her to almost instantly wrap her arms around my neck pulling me closer. After all the soft sweet kisses I licked her bottom lip for entrance. She opened her mouth so i could slid in for a easy entrance. Our tongues fought fro dominance. 

Me- Jump. I said against her lips. She obeyed and wrapped her legs around my waist. I moved my hands from her waist to cup her ass making her moan against my lips. I started to move her towards the bed. I laid her down and hovered over her. My arms were keeping me up so i wouldn't crush her. I started to kiss her again. I moved from her mouth to her neck finding her sweet spot instantly making her moan my name in my ear. She toughed my shirt telling me that she wants it off.  I took off my shirt then slide her shirt off. then pants soon both of us were in our underwear. 

Me- I love you...just let me show you

Dess nodded letting me know that it was alright. We started making out while my hands Hungary roamed her body.  My left hand cupped her face as my right hand went farther down her body and slid into her uderwear making her gasp. I started rubbing her and she moaned.

Dess- Sam....oh my god...don't stop. She moaned grabbing my shoulder pulling my body closer to hers

Dess- Faster...babe go f-faster please. She stuttered while my hand was doing great things to her. I went farther and pushed my finger into her. Causing her to gasp against my lips. I started to go faster and harder pushing another finger into her.

Dess- Saaam. Ugh...oh my god. She moaned. 

Me- Its daddy to you baby. I said while going faster at the same time

Dess- Oh my god....Im about to. Before she could finish i stopped then she gave me a smirk got onto her knees while I stood at the end of the bed. She started to rub my growing erection. I looked down and she was looking up at me with pleading eyes so i just nooded. Then she started to pull my boxers down and grabbed my dick and started to give me a hand job. I tilted my head back i pure pleasure. The i felt something wet on my head. I looked down and say she had her mouth around it.

Me- Ughh....Dess d-don't stop. She started to deep throat and gagged which made me moan even louder.

Me- just like that, baby girl. just like that. I moaned.

My breathing got heavier and my hands started to shake. I didn't know what to do with my hands so i just put my right hand on her head grabbing her hair. Pushing her head farther trying to reach my thrust. I pulled her hair which caused her to  moan making me moan louder. The she stopped. I picked her up threw her onto the bed. I got on top of her and grabbed the condom on the side of the bed and pulled it on. I placed myself at her entrance ad looked into her eyes. She nodded and kissed me.

Me- It's going to hurt but if it hurts to much i'll stop okay? I asked she nodded and said go. I buried my head into her she closed her eyes as tight a possible. I kissed her and pushed the rest in. I stopped letting her adjust to my size. She opened her eyes

Dess- Keep going. She said and i started going slow, but then went a little faster. all you could her was my grunts and her moans.

Me- Ughhh...your so fucking tight baby. I moaned as i pounded into her over and  over under her command.

Dess- Sam. She moaned. Go faster. She basically yelled

I grabbed the headboard and pounded harder and faster

Me-Ughh. Fuck i t-think im gonna c-cum. I stuttered  because it felt so good. I felt myself cumming as i pounded harder over and over again.   

Dess- Sam..fuck...Im cumming. With a few more moaning and pounding we both came and i fell ontop of her (My forearms keeping me up  duh)

Ride me? I asked and she pushed my shoulder back so she was ontop of me. She grabbed me between her legs and sat down and put her hands on my chest. She started to bounce on my dick and imot gonna was better than me poundind into her. She did something that made me moan and cum.

Me- Oh that again. I said she did it again and it felt good. She got off me and went into the bathroom. she went to take a shower i guess cuz the water turned on. A few minutes later she cam out of the bathroom with night shorts and my over-sized shirt. She laid down and i instantly wrapped my arms around her. and fell asleep with my beautiful girlfriend.


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