Fiery Abs Kisses

Is about a girl who is obsessed with boy on boy love comics. One day the popular smart guy in college finds out her secret. Will she ever be able to keep attending to the college.....


2. Oh Fudge!

All my life I've been good but now  Oooh!

I'm thinking "What the hell?"

All I want is to mess aroundand I don't really care about.

If you love meIf you hate me

You can't savebabybaby

All my life I've been good but now whoa "What the hell?"

WhatWhatWhat, "What the hell?"

"Uggg I'm coming, stupid alarm it's so loud. but I do admit I love this song I "said turning the alarm off in my phone.

"Wake up lazy bum it's 7:30 am oh my god do you want  me to help you with that frizz in your hair "said Rohan little shocked at my morning hair.

"Nah to hell no get out of my room!" I screamed.

"Stupid since you cant process anything right now in your head and have no strength either. I am still gonna fix your hair I want my crazy sister to find a boyfriend already so she can be happy "said Rohan sitting on my bed and turning me around to do my hair.

"Okay your the coolest brother ever Rohan even though sometimes I do want to murder you Ha! Ha! Ha!"I said hugging him and scaring him at the same time.

Rohan leaves my room and I have to be honest but sometimes he does my hair. he says I'm a mess since mom died everything changed and he understands that.

"Bye clean freak!" I screamed.

So I put on my black lipstick, dark make-up and my pastel goth style on. and out in my way to the college. Rohan always  drives me to college. and I always sing in the car the song you see me rolling they hating I love this song.

"Kon'nichiwa Nakahara" I said getting out of the car and seeing her from far away.

"You see me rolling they hating" singing Nakahara and pointing at me and my sweet ride.

This is my best friend in the whole world Nakahara Kaede. me and her are complete opposites. I love dark things and she love's bright things. she's the most popular and beautiful girl in our college. all the guys drool for her. I wish I could be boy candy like her. but I am not I'm just me. she always nags me about when I'm I gonna have a boyfriend. I love her she completes me.

"Bye Rohan don't worry she's in my care now" said Nakahara happy.

"Hey Aisha so did you meet someone yet?" asked Nakahara winking her eyes at me.

"No stop nagging me crazy girl, boys are not in my list right now. although two hot boys together is in my list any day" I said getting hyped up.

Yes she knows my secret. only because she's my one and only wife.

"Okay Aisha i'm gonna be late to class" said Nakahara leaving.

And then I thought crap me too. so I ran and got to Mr. Takamaka's class he teaches English. I sat down in a chair that is empty. and as always everybody stares at me because of my style. hey I don't care what stupid haters have to say I am me and will always be me. I think sometimes why I'm I always early to class if all I do through out the whole class is sleep.

After one hour of sleeping I wake up and the teacher says you have ten minutes and then you may leave okay.

Man that teacher is so quack I thought.

So to get happy about something I start reading my prince's love comic is about prince-sama and his peasant boy awe man is so delicious.

And then ten minutes passed

And I rushed out to see my wife little did I know I was gonna meet a devil on my way out.

Everybody got up and left.

Bam! right in my face, I smashed my face into someone's chest.

"Hey watch where the heck your going my brainy cells hurt" I said annoyed. what the heck brainy cells? what did I just say I thought. I am still tired I guess.

"What is this?" said the person I just smashed into.

I look up and see him pick up my boy on boy love comic.

Noooooooooo! I thought.

"Hey give that back!" I screamed.

"You like this kinda stuff? he asked smiling.

The more I look at him the more I think he is actually very handsome. with light brown eyes,small eyes,great looking lips,tan skin and great hair height and body wow I thought.

"Yes but please don't tell anyone" I said getting scared.

He puts the comic up high where it is out of my reach. I start jumping so that way I can grab it. but he knows I cant because I am too short.

"Look here, ummm what's your name?" I asked.

"Its Ren Takada" he said.

"Look here peach fuzz, that is mine not yours okay so please give it back" I said getting mad.

"Look here vamp girl" he said looking up and down at me.

"Hey that's actually a compliment thanks" I said.

"Okay I will keep your boy obsession a secret if you become my pet" said Ren with a I will torture you face.

"No are you insane, I don't even know you or less will I beg for a peach fuzz like you" I said all up in his face.

"Then I guess I am gonna have to give this to the director of the school board" said Ren walking away.

"No! wait you peach devil!" I screamed.

"Just so you know you do know me we had kindergarten together" said Ren.

"Are you kidding that was a long time ago" I said.

"Have mercy please" I said.

"Be my pet" said Ren.

"Shit!, okay I will but you have to promise you will tell no one" I said.

"Here lets have a contract" I said taking out a paper and pencil.

"No this should be our contract said Ren kissing me on my cheek.

"What are you doing?" I asked pushing him away.

Ren smiles devilishly.

"This is only the starting" said Ren.

I felt so heated up and red.

"You look cute when you blush" said Ren caressing my cheek.

I was to hooked in his stare.

"Good then its settled see you tomorrow at 8:00 am my pet, my vamp girl" said Ren walking away.

I was lost for any words to come out that I forgot he still had my comic and took my most precious treasure.

I don't know what peach fuzz is thinking but I will never give up to him.

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