Fiery Abs Kisses

Is about a girl who is obsessed with boy on boy love comics. One day the popular smart guy in college finds out her secret. Will she ever be able to keep attending to the college.....


1. Oh Boys!

"Hey Rohan stop pushing" I said. Bam!, "You slut! Im gonna cut you off" I said. "Who are you talking to Aisha?" Said my little brother Rohan."My toes, these sluts bang on every piece of furniture on their path". "Why do we even need toes?" I said mad. "Okay sorry Aisha is my fault can you put the knife away now?" Asked Rohan. "It's your fault these sluts hit the table ", Ha ha ha! I said out loud running him all over the house. "Hey darling look what I have a royal prince's love comic" said my dad Mr.Grace. "Oh", I said while stopping, I look over run jump over the sofa and flash away with my boy on boy love and into my room of comic fantasy land.

If your wondering what's happening, and who am I?. Well I am Aisha Grace, I am half japanese and half American. I am a pastel goth girl. Am also short-tempered as you can see ha!. But anyways remember the kooky cute little bro, I was chasing earlier that's my little brother Rohan. He's such a good hearted boy. I am nineteen years old, my bro is eighteen and he's smart and cute. I am in college, I am trying to master in teaching in Hikai Deluxe college. While secretly also mastering in drawing comics especially yaoi. Just in case for the people who don't know what yaoi is, well is a boys love, is a japanese genre of fictional media focusing on romantic or sexual relationships between male characters, typically aimed at female audience and usually created by author. Although yaoi is typically aimed at female audience the genre also attracts some male readers, however manga aimed at the gay male audience. And I know I am rumbling on. But is just that I am a huge fan. Oh I forgot to mention we live in Japan, Osaka. Me and my bro we live with dad. My dad is american and mom is japanese they met in college and fell in love and then had me and Rohan. Mom passed away two years ago. I know dad now and then cries himself to sleep. Trust me I know that old man is so loud. But tomorrow I am gonna start the third year of college hoping theres lot's of yaoi in my sights. Oh wait before I go to bed I wanna be a comic artist, is my dream. But dad and mom were teachers. And I dont want to disappointment them, so I am doing double the job. And I am very introvert in school. I hate the people in the school. But with family I am okay.

Goodnight prince-sama uuuuuuweiii hahaha! I laughed. "Shut up Aisha"! Said Rohan in the room next door." Hey don't make get the knife"! I yelled. "Will you two stop"! said dad."okay goodnight" me and Rohan said together.

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