My bloody Veil

Is about a love that cursed a white veil. In a world where vampires rule it. A love that comes to tragedy. And awaken again to a newer generation.


1. Start the Blood

As everyone know's humans ruled this world. But not for long, in till vampires came out of the shadows they lived in. And took are wife's, children, families and destroyed are homes. They are pureblood monsters. And they have a Queen named Lora. No human saw her and lived, for shes the greatest monster. Though in this world lot's of monsters are born. We have four lands named Lanuree the human lands, vicion the vampire land, oda-uf wolf territory and drawde the country side where we have schools in secret so no monster would enter and attack. In the school drawde we teach are children to fight and learn how to be monster hunters.

For the school as a great legend story how the school begin and how blood started in the walls of the love that will be remembered.

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