A deal with a dealer

April's tired of her boring life . She sees all of her friends with Sugar daddies ...to her It's disgusting until she sees her younger sister who is only Sixteen with a sugar daddy . Things start to revolve around her , Drama , losing friends , Drunk parties and ...Affairs . Does April really want this life ? Or is she just doing this just to fit in .


1. Prologue

I walked into his room wearing the black stripped dress he gave me . The way he licked and bit his bottom lip showed me he loved it on me . He fixed his position on the bed now sitting up straight , My hair was curled on the bottom but soft and straightened on the top , I had a jeweled white pearl on my neck , The red flats I had on felt really comfortable . I had no clue why . He pointed his finger at me and then pointed to his boxers , It meant he wanted to be pleasured now , How could I not know ? , This life I've chosen is Seriously better than the one I had before even though theirs a lot of troubles . I lead my way to him and crawled onto the soft white sheets , Just feeling the sheets softening on my feet felt soo good , He ran his left hand behind My ear and chuckled at me ''You know you look so ...stunning '' . I didn't say anything back , instead I just Smiled and began to rub the bulge he had , He leaned his head back groaning in pleasure ''Just stop teasing love and Start playing with it ! '' I did what he said and pulled it out . As soon as I saw it I had no reaction this time I just got right to it . I've seen it all the time , Mostly daily . I started to lick the side of it  and rub the back of it as I did that , He put the both of his hands to his side and Moaned out My name , The way he did it made my heart pound , It made my mind go blank and Made my body powerless . I then put all of it in my mouth and began to rub My pussy with my right hand . It was so soaked just by the way the wetness Slimed out of my underwear . He loved this even more just by the way he pushed my head down with his left hand . The feeling of the tip of his Hard cock hurt at the end of my throat , He made me me feel even more turned on , I wanted him , I needed him inside of me ! Badly ! . I can't go back to who I was ,  this is honestly The medication I need to stay stable , without this or his kind of love I'll just be miserable again . ''Baby..I can't..breathe ''  I chocked , He shrugged his shoulders ''In a minute Darling , Just let me cum inside of your warm but sweet mouth '' . He started to move his hips up and down hitting the back of my throat harder , Now I slid my middle finger inside of Me , He chuckled at what I was doing , So he pulled my head up and flipped my body over . 

''I can see your enjoying self ? '' He asked tilting his head to the side smirking , I confessed while biting my lip . He smirked at me . I glanced down at him as he crawled down to my pussy , I suddenly felt his tongue slid inside of me , I sat up just a little bit but then I slid back down . He slid two of his fingers still licking it , I loved it so much , I didn't want him to stop , Not for a while .  ''Baby ..please ..don't stop '' He didn't respond instead he went faster , And harder . I tilted my head back now yelling in pleasure , I hung my arms above my head so I wouldn't be able to Stop him , I couldn't resist So I decided to my hands on the back of his head and move it up and down , He chuckled which it made it vibrate on Me . The vibration shook my body which made my heart beat quicker .

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