Running away from his bullies one day Tom stumbles into another world. He is befriended by a beautiful young girl who tells him about the opression her people are under and reveals to him a dark secret.


1. Prologue

It’s funny how sometimes the worst moments can change your life forever. Out of fear and hopelessness you find what you’re looking for most in life. A chance to live without any preconceptions about you, maybe in a world that you feel happier in. The shackles of yesterday left broken at the doorway to a new beginning. We’ve all looked into a wardrobe hoping to find Narnia but few of us have found the way. It’s something we all dream of, finding a new world and being accepted by those who live there. People who feel you are far greater than the you that left the old world. Most find it in their dreams, a place where the chains binding your mind are gone and the subconscious can soar through the clouds to find it’s true home.


Did you ever read a book and wonder if the author had experienced the world they created first hand? Had CS Lewis actually been through a wardrobe and found Narnia? Sometimes the richness authors inject into these ‘false worlds’ makes you furrow your eyebrows and wonder if they have seen them with their own eyes. Did Francis Hodgson Burrell been to the Secret Garden, Jules Verne journeyed to the centre of the earth and HG Wells visited the future in his time machine. 


Well dear reader, yes I mean you. Those who will find this manuscript in the future when I am gone. I have found a portal to another world, a world that is different from ours, but yet sometimes the same problems that exist in our world are there too. Sometimes it takes another world to make you change your views, to embrace new ideas. 


Well I have done all of them, I’m back in this world now for a short while. I intend over the next few weeks to write down everything that has happened to me. If you read this and wonder whether to believe me, or instead think this is a work of fiction then that is down to you. I will long be gone from this world. If you believe me and want to follow in my footsteps, then I leave you with a note of caution. Not everyones mind can adapt to a changing world, forever keep you mind open, free from the chains of the past and you will be capable of travelling to other realms. Keep it shut to new ideas and shut you mind off like borders, then the way will be barred. 

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