From Sounds To Words

So I thought I'd make this "Lyric Album" to fill in my empty depressing looking page while I work on this lil something I've been writing. Keep in mind, I love all of these songs!
If only I could "write" the Harry Potter theme...
Welp this could lead to a new project >:]

(Music rights do not belong to me)


3. Toadies Possum Kingdom

Make up your mind.
Decide to walk with me.
Around the lake tonight....Around the lake tonight.
By my side...By my side.

I'm not gonna lie.
I'll not be a gentlemen.
Behind the boat house.
I'll show you my dark secret.

I'm not gonna lie.
I want you for mine.
My blushing bride.
My lover, be my lover (yeah).
Don't be afraid, I didn't mean to scare you.
So help me Jesus!

I can promise you.
You will stay as beautiful.
With dark hair.
And soft skin.
Forever [x2]

Make up your mind,
Make up your mind,
And I'll promise you!

I will treat you well, my sweet angel
So help me Jesus.

Give it up to me [x2]
Do you wanna be my angel?

Give it up to me [x2]
Do you wanna be my angel?

Give it up to me [x2]
Do you wanna be my angel?
So help me!

Be my angel [x3]
Do you wanna die [x8]
Well I promise you!
I will treat you well!
My sweet angel!
So help me Jesus.




I've been working on learning this song on my guitar \M/


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