the only reason

it all started that september night.
summer was raped.
no one believed her,
not even her boyfriend,
But michael did.


2. "you could cut the tension with a knife in here"

Summer's P.O.V

I opened my eyes to the bright hospital light hanging above my head. My body bolted forward. I felt different. I was in pain near maybe my abdomen, but I knew I was going to vomit. I looked at Maggie, who handed me the small grey tin. She pat my back, not cringing a bit. Maggie has a fear of vomit, so this surprised me. It's not even that I feel sick, I just don't feel, right. A nurse came in the door, carrying a tray with items on them. Slowly behind her came a female officer. "Miss Roux, seems you are awake." I handed her the full tin. "I guess." I looked at the sheets. They were covered in blood. "What happened last night?" Maggie's face turned white as a ghost. She looked at the officer. I was in only in a hospital gown, and I felt like something tore in my lower abdomen. "You don't remember anything?" I shook my head. "No, not that I know of. Maybe of the start of the party." The woman pulled out her notepad. "Can you tell me what you remember?" I nodded, as Maggie just gripped my hand tighter. "I was at Mitch Martin's 18th birthday, and I was dancing with Maggie. Then I went to get a drink and someone was showing me where the trash was and-" Blank. There was only blank after that. Then it hit me. I went somewhere with a boy I didn't know. The heart monitor starts to beat up, and the nurse starts to try and calm me down. "He's not here, Summer. It's okay." Maggie cooed. I took a deep breath and gripped her hand harder. "Do you remember what he looks like?" The officer asked, scribbling in the notepad. "N-no. But it was dark and I remember getting taken outside. And then blank." The officer closed the pad after adding the notes.  "Must have been a side effect of the drug he gave you." My heart dropped. What drug? What did I do? "I'm sorry, sweetie." The nurse spoke, as Maggie sighed. "Will she remember any of her memories?" She asked the officer. "I'm didn't train for that because I'm mainly here for-" She was cut off by 5 people entering through the door, and thank god because I didn't want to know what she was here for. Michael ran in next to me, Ashton, Luke, Calum and Georgie following him. "Summer! Are you okay? Your parents are on their way, and I tried calling Harry-" I can't believe it but I winced. Not even because he was loud, but because I didn't want to see a guy. I was scared. I don't know what was going on. "Summer?" He asked, as the officer pushed him to the door. "Sorry, you guys can't be here. You're scaring her, she may not be ready for a while." They all looked at me, wide eyed and sad, and all I did was whisper "Sorry."

Michael's P.O.V

"Sorry." Summer whispered as we were escorted from the room. What did she have to be sorry for? All I heard from Maggie was that Summer was hurt, and that made me leave with everyone as fast as I could, on a Saturday morning at 7 am. I saw Luke lean his head up against the wall. "Michael, what's wrong?" He asked, voice sounding worried. I honestly didn't want to take him since all night and morning he was complaining about a migraine, but he wanted to come. I thought some panadol would shut him up, but it didn't. Georgie walked over, grabbing her head. "G! Do you know anything?" I yelled, causing her to wince. "I don't know. I got hammered and my head is killing me." Luke looked up. "Mine too." He spoke quietly. "Aw, poor you. Maybe we can have a cope session later, Hemmings." I rolled my eyes. "Stop bonding over your body pains! What's wrong with Summer?" I don't know if our relationship would ever be the same. 

Summer's P.O.V

"I can tell her." Maggie said to the officer who looked at the nurse. "Summer, would you like us to tell you what happened?" I shook my head. "Maggie can tell me, thanks though." The officer looked at the watch on her wrist. She pulled a card out of her pocket and handed it to me. "Call me when you need me, okay?" She walked out, and I saw Michael ask her something and then backhand Luke in the face, maybe by accident. Good thing they are in the hospital. Then there was yelling, and then silence. "Before she tells you, one more thing." The nurse spoke as she grabbed a bottle of pills off the cart. "They couldn't do a full SAEK for you, but Maggie can explain everything. The tech was concerned that with the water the DNA wouldn't be complete." I was still so confused. "Oh." That's all I can say. I was speechless besides everything else. "Here's an emergency contraceptive." She mumbled, as I watched her grab a cup of water. I tried to sit up, but struggled. Maggie helped me, and I started shaking. "Will they make me sick?" She shrugged. "A bit." I swallowed the pills and the nurse began to leave. "I'll leave you two alone. Here's a call bell if you guys need me." She pushed the cart out the room and the door closed. It was silence for a while. Just Maggie fishing through the sheets of the hospital bed. "Maggie, you need to tell me." She looked up at me. "They found you in the pool." Silence. "Well, Sara Mason did when the party ended. I thought you left to go to see Michael. You weren't there, and I tried calling you. No answer. But you were still in your shirt, just pantless, like nothing on your bottom half. You were on the stairs, red blooding staining the water." "Stop stalling, Mag." She bit her lip. SAEK. Sexual assault something something. She grabs my hand. She starts to let out tears and looked straight in my eyes. "Someone spiked your drink. Then he took you into the backyard, and you couldn't stop him because he drugged you. Then he raped you." Then I don't know who's tears are who's.  

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