The hot new house mate

it's about a girl who lives in NYC and one day her grandmother tells her that someone is coming to stay at there house for awhile. she assumes it's a girl but oh is she wrong. for a girl who doesn't fuss over boys much she seems to be very interested in this one. will they seek out there strong desire for each other, or will she let him leave without ever letting him know how she feels.


6. I won't go breaking your heart

After lunch I decided to go to my special place. So I go home and grab my book and head to my car to drive to my special place. When I get there I sit at the docks and hang my feet down by the water. This place is very relaxing and is beautiful during sunsets. I'm in the middle of reading this really good chapter when someone taps my shoulder, I look behind me and it's Aiden. How in the world did he find me?

"Aiden? What are you doing here?" I ask surprised. "I asked Clara." He explains. Ugh that blabbermouth of course she would tell him.

"So why exactly are you here?"

"Well I was hoping we could talk about earlier." He asks. "Not much to talk about I mean I already apologized and you choose not to believe me so not much to actually talk about." I say irritated.

"I'm sorry about that Mia but you did shut the door in front of my face when I was trying to help, of course i'd be pissed." he says. 

"Yeah I know that's why i apologized but you freaked out on me." I say.

"Were not getting anywhere with this let's just call it truce, but you can never shut the door in my face when i'm trying to help you, kay?"

"Fine truce." I say feeling defeated. We shake on it then he sit's next to me on the dock with his feet hanging near the water.

"So what's this place?"he asks. "This is the docks were the fishermen go in and out. I find this place very peaceful when people aren't around so I come here to be alone." I say knowingly. "Oh did you want me to leave?" he asks considerately.

"Oh no your fine plus your already here I can't kick you out it isn't exactly my place anyways." I say awkwardly. Ok Mia calm down, but I can't he looks me straight in the eyes and I can't seem to look away. He starts to lean closer to me I can feel his warm breath on my skin, smell of pumpkin pie. As he get's closer get's closer my eyes flutter shut waiting for what feels like forever then panic struck me.

I've never kissed anyone before, what if i'm bad or what if he never wants to kiss me again. Before I can finish my thoughts his lips are on mine. His lips are soft and he tastes like pumpkin pie to. I lose myself in his kisses and run my hands through his hair. This is my first kiss and it's with Aiden the most handsome guy i've ever laid eyes on and he's kissing me. We kiss for what seems like forever before we pull away from each other. I stare into his beautiful eyes and blush. I just had my first kiss and it was awesome.

Aiden's POV

I stare into her beautiful green eyes the look at her pink soft lushes lips and bite my own. I lean in for another kiss but someone yells at us before I can.

"Hey you guys have to move, the fishermen are coming in." I yell back ok and I help Mia up and we head to her car. "Now that I think of it how did you get here you don't have a car?" she asks. "Clara." I say and she rolls her eyes and gets into her car. Looks like Clara gave up some confidential info. We drive to the house in comfortable silence. I wonder how she felt about the kiss. well only one way to find out.

When we get to the house she gets out of the car and heads up to the door, but I stop her before she puts the keys in. I turn her around and push her against the door and crash my lips onto hers I kiss her passionately. This will let me know if she feels the same way about me. I pull away slowly and look into her face. I see shock etched in her face. But her face softens and she cups my face and gently kisses me back. I think I could kiss this girl forever. She pulls away and smiles at me. 

"We better go inside before they worry, dinners probably done and we don't want to miss my grandmothers cooking." she says jokingly. "No we don't." Man I love her smile it's absolutely beautiful.

We go inside and eat dinner chatting with her grandparents with the occasional share of glances. When dinner is over I go upstairs and get ready for bed and think about what all happened today. I haven't been this happy sense the accident; maybe this is a new start for me. I lay on my bed with a huge grin plastered onto my face thinking of Mia and that's how I fall asleep.


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