The hot new house mate

it's about a girl who lives in NYC and one day her grandmother tells her that someone is coming to stay at there house for awhile. she assumes it's a girl but oh is she wrong. for a girl who doesn't fuss over boys much she seems to be very interested in this one. will they seek out there strong desire for each other, or will she let him leave without ever letting him know how she feels.


12. Doubts

Aiden's POV

I wake up to find that Mia wasn't laying next to me so I get up and look around, she's nowhere to be found. I think back to last night and how beautiful it was with Mia's gorgeous body against mine. Our first time together was the best day of my life, I can't wait to experience more of her. 

I hear the door to the bathroom open and see Mia walk out. "Oh your awake." she says smiling completely naked. I look at her body up and down and she blushes. She walks over to me and pushes me back down on the bed. This is the best morning ever.


After Mia leaves to go get dressed in her room I decide upon the best present in the world and I can not wait to give it to her. To see her smiling face when I give it to her will all be worth it.

Mia's POV

I go to my room to take a shower and get ready for the day, After I get ready I tell Clara everything that happened. "You did what!!!" Clara exclaims.

"Shhh, keep your voice down people are still sleeping." I say.

"You did what!" she says in a yelling whisper.

"Like I told you me and Aiden slept together last night...and this morning." I say blushing nervously.

"Oh my goodness Mia, How was it?" 

"It hurt at first then it was pure pleasure being with Aiden was so beautiful and sexy at the same time." I gush.

"Wow to think my sweet little Mia had sex before me."

"Oh you didn't do it with ben, I would think the way you two were sucking each others faces off you would have done it by now."

"Oh shut up Mia, actually I'm waiting a little longer sense I just met him, goodness Mia i'm not a skank."
"Well i'm sorry." I say getting up. We go downstairs and eat breakfast. I look for Aiden but I can't find him, he's probably just asleep i'll go see him after breakfast.

After breakfast I go upstairs to Aiden's room. I knock on his door and get no answer, I try again and get the same response. Is he ignoring me? Try to open his door but it's locked, oh right they automatically lock on there own and I don't have his key. This time I decide to text him,

Me: hey where are you?

I wait for five minutes and get no answer. I decide to try to text him again.

Me: is everything alright?

I wait another five minutes but nothing comes. Now i'm starting to freak out I hope he doesn't hate me or anything. Did I do something wrong? 

Instead I decided to call him but it just rings and rings and goes to voice mail. At this point i'm furious because I think he's ignoring me. How can he ignore me after what we did not just last night but this morning. Did it not mean a thing to or does he just not love me anymore. I'm at the brink of tears at this moment with all the crazy thoughts going through my head. I head toward my room to get myself together, After i've stopped crying I decided to go down to the ocean to be alone. The last thing I probably need right now is to be alone but i just need the soothing ocean and wind to relax me.

I get to the ocean and sit infant of a rock while sticking my feet in the water, It's so nice out here I wish I could just live here. Oh I forgot to tell someone I was out here I'll just text Clara and turn my phone off. This day isn't starting off so well.

Aidens POV

I finally get the present I wanted to give to Mia and head back to the hotel. I check my phone for any thing and I noticed that I forgot to turn my phone on. I turn my phone on and I have two texts and a few missed call's from Mia. I hope she doesn't think anything, knowing this I sped up to the hotel hoping to catch Mia so I can explain. I knock on her room door to have Clara open it.

"Oh hello Aiden." she says.

"Hey have you seen Mia?" I ask.

"No but she texted me that she was going to the beach."

"Ok thanks."

"No prob." I run down to the beach hoping to see Mia as quick as possible. I frantically look everywhere until I spot Mia in her white flowing dress sticking her feet in the water with a sad look in her face. I walk as fast as I can to her and sit down next to her. She looks at me and looks back at the ocean. I hope she's not mad.

"You know all day today I've been wondering if you were ignoring me because I did something wrong or you just weren't interested me anymore." I try to interrupt her to tel her that I wasn't ignoring her but she stops me.

"Let me finish, so all day i've been having these thoughts go through my head not even once thinking the positive. Until right before you sat down, I thought to myself how can you doubt someone you love and trust someone who tells you they love you and shows it. I doubted you all day today and never once thought of the positive. It makes me think if i'm really going to be the best person for you. I'm a horrible girlfriend for doubting you and i'm so sorry." she starts bursting into tears and I hug her.

"Mia it's ok I know you love me and you are the best person for me no your even better because I don't even deserve you but i'll try to show you everyday that one day I will be." I say. She smiles at me through her tears and says "you've already won me." she says then kisses me until were out of breath.

She stares at me then looks down at the present i'm holding in my hand. "What's that?"

"Oh it's for you." she takes it and slowly unwraps it. Her lips grow into the most beautiful smile, she looks at me and I swear I saw her eyes sparkle.

"How did you get this?"

"I bought it from that one bidder"

"But how it was really expensive."

"It's a secret." I say winking at her. she kisses me and then hugs me. "Thank you this painting means a lot coming from you." and she hugs me tighter. I want to hold her like this forever.






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