The hot new house mate

it's about a girl who lives in NYC and one day her grandmother tells her that someone is coming to stay at there house for awhile. she assumes it's a girl but oh is she wrong. for a girl who doesn't fuss over boys much she seems to be very interested in this one. will they seek out there strong desire for each other, or will she let him leave without ever letting him know how she feels.


5. Don't go breaking my heart

I wake up and all my memories from yesterday start to come back to me. Oh great, now i'm going to get made fun of even worse. I get dressed and head down stairs for breakfast. This sucks I was hoping to have a big breakfast to eat my feelings with. I forgot my grandmother only makes big breakfast's on Sunday. I make myself some cereal and sit at the table and eat when Aiden comes from upstairs. I feel so bad for the way I treated him yesterday he was only trying to help me, I should apologize.

"Hey Aiden about yesterday i'm really sorry about the way I acted I know you were just trying to help." I say apologetically. "yeah, sure." he says in a angry tone. Is he mad at me? 

"Are you mad at me?" I ask.

"I don't know Mia am I?"

"What's your problem?" I say defensively. Is he seriously getting angry at me i just apologized to him. "Maybe it's the fact that you close the door in my face when i'm just trying to help you Mia!" I still don't understand how he can say my name so beautifully even when angry.

"I said I was sorry, Aiden." I say angrily. Okay now i'm starting to get pissed. "Well it sure doesn't feel like it." he says more to himself than to me. "Fine whatever tell my grandmother I went to Clara's." I say before I start to walk to Clara's, I need the exercise to cool down before I get to Clara's.

I knock on Clara's door and she let's me in. "Oh Mia, how are you?" she asks with a sad face. "Horrible, I got humiliated and it got filmed so now the whole world knows what kind of a loser I am. Oh and on top of that I got in a fight with Aiden this morning."

"What but you guys seemed pretty close yesterday." she says jokingly. "Wait you saw?" I say shocked. "What do you think i'm blind, of course I saw!" she says with sarcasm. "We didn't end up kissing though you interrupted us." I say disappointed.

"Oh don't worry that won't be the only time that happens." she says assuringly. "What do you mean?"

"You should have seen the way you two were looking at each other, it was like you were the only two people in the world." she gushes. "Nuh ah." I say not believing a word she's saying. I don't think a guy could ever look at me in that way and Aiden proved that to me this morning.

"Girl i'm telling you he likes you like a lot." she explains. "I think your just seeing things maybe you should go get your eyes checked."

"My eyes are 20/20 thank you very much. I think I can see just fine and what I see is a very handsome boy liking a very beautiful girl trust me hun." Clara explains.

"Thanks Clara i'll keep that in mind." I know she means well it's just I don't want to get my hopes up for something that will never happen. The last thing I want right now is a broken heart and false hope.




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