"Oh, hey, Y/N" He grabbed your phone to snap a picture.
"You know my name?" You asked, surprised.
"Of course, you come to all of our meet-and-greets. You're our regular" He smiled, then hugged you tight for your picture.


23. "What Was That For?"


You were being dragged into the concert crowd by Kailin and Calum. They explained the plan to you once more as Calum shoved you into the ocean of fangirls and ran upstage. Kailin saw Hailey and pulled you up to her. You waved lightly as Kailin grinned and Hailey smiled in glad surprise. "I thought you guys couldn't stay! What are you doing here, 5sos is almost gonna play their first song!" She yelled happily, her malachite-colored eyes swirling in excitement.

Kailin whispered something to Hailey that you couldn't hear. You were rather unsure of this plan, but when you glanced to your right, Michael stood at the bottom of the stage stairs and held a thumbs-up to you above the crowd. Luke made his way, parting the sea of girls and came up to the raven-haired menace you knew as Ashlee. He smiled and took her hand, then he brought her to the very middle of the front row. Charmingly kissing her hand, he left and went upstage while you watched Ashlee melt with happiness. So she does like 5sos. What a brat, you thought. Her black hair swayed rather violently as she jumped up and down.

The stage lights dimmed and suddenly burst in different hues of blue, purple, black. Luke Hemmings himself walked to the middle front of the stage, right in front of Ashlee. Should we really do this..? Luke knelt down and lightly patted Ashlee on the head, winning her over with his everyday Luke Hemmings charm. When he stood up again, he walked back to the farther end of the stage, between Michael and Calum. He stood, adjusting the microphone near his mouth while Michael played a soft tune on his guitar, Calum harmonizing with the deep chords of his bass.

    “Hello, Auburn!” Luke cried into the microphone, acknowledging everyone in the stadium. “My name is Luke Hemmings, and here we have-” he nodded in Michael’s direction, “-Michael Gordon Clifford-” Michael shot him a death glare for saying his middle name, “and to my left we have-” he turned to Calum, “Mr. Puppylove-” Calum just lowered his head and laughed, “and that’s us! We are- Oww!” Luke rubbed the back of his head in pain and jerked his head up at the drummer who sat above them on the stage. Ashton had thrown one of his spare drumsticks down at Luke’s head.

    “Don’t forget the one everyone came here for!” Ashton yelled down to Luke and shot a smug glance right at you.

    “Agh! Jesus Christ, I was messing around!” Luke picked up the drumstick and chucked it back up at Ashton, missing horribly.

    “You lost my drumstick! You’re paying for a new one!”

    “Well if you don’t want me to lose them, don’t throw them at m-”

    “Introduce me, ya little penguin!”

    Luke whipped his head back to the crowd, pouting and pulling the mic to his mouth.

    “And as our drummer today, we have Señor Sharpshooter!” Ashton winked and grinned at the crowd, happy he won. You looked at Michael, who shrugged and pulled something from his pocket and chucked it at Luke. “Ow! God dang it, Michael, what was that for?!” Michael just shrugged again and looked away, smirking. Luke picked up whatever it was that Michael threw at him. “A guitar pick? You don’t even use these!” He yelled and threw it back at him.

    “I keep ‘em in my pocket to throw at’cha. By the way, you have the worst aim,” Michael laughed as he caught the pick and shoved it back in his pocket.

    Luke grunted and turned back to the crowd. “Anyways, we’re 5 Seconds of Summer and we have a treat for one of you lucky fans here tonight. Ashlee Tanner, please come up to the stage.”

    You could see Ashton glaring down at Ashlee as Luke helped her up on the stage. Michael fought a stare, but couldn’t help squeezing the neck of his guitar as if it were Ashlee’s throat. You had to hand it to Luke, he had game when it came to acting like he didn’t hate someone. Calum kept his eyes away, looking at a fan up in the stands. You felt kind of sorry for her, as she would think Calum liked her, but in reality he was just avoiding looking at the pale girl in the center. “What did they say they were gonna do again?” You whispered to Kailin, only to notice she was talking to Hailey at a speed faster than light. Hailey just smiled and nodded, obviously not knowing anything Kailin was telling her.

    Michael began to walk up to Ashlee; you got worried as he looked rather mad. Don’t hurt her, ya prickly cactus! As he walked, he began stomping, probably without even realizing it. “So, Ashl-” Luke pushed him away. He has been with Michael long enough to know exactly what he was capable of.

    “No, I called her! I wanna talk to her!” Luke whined like a child, quickly stepping between the two. He whipped his head back to Ashlee and flashed a smile as Michael grunted and went back to his spot on the stage. “So, Ashlee,” he bit his lip ring for a moment to sugarcoat it all, “what brings you to the concert of mine and these three losers?” Michael chucked a pick, Ashton threw down a drumstick, and Calum shot a rubber band at Luke all at the same time. “Oww! Jesus Christ, you guys, I was messing around!” He sighed and smiled back at Ashlee. “Use my microphone; people will hear you better.” Luke got really close to her and bent down a little, becoming face-to-face with her. “Sorry if this is too close for comfort.” He smiled again.

    “Well, I don’t think you guys are losers at all~” She spoke into Luke’s mic and pretended to be modest by smiling lightly at the ground.

    “Uh-huh, and who’s your favorite? It’s me, right?” Ashton maniacally laughed in the background, a laugh that mocked Luke for thinking he was her favorite.

    “Sorry, my favorite is actually Michael~” Your eyes widened as you turned to look at Kailin. Whatever she had been saying was just cut off. Amber eyes flickering, your best friend turned to look at Ashlee.

    “What. Did she say?” Her fists clenched, and you clasped your hands around her shoulders.

    “Kai, calm down, a lot of people love Michael.”

    “She is not worthy of my Michael!” She yelled out, louder than any of the other fans’ chattering.

    Michael looked at Kailin then looked away, slightly smiling. If there were light on him, you’d have been able to see if he was blushing or not. You looked back at Kailin, who was having a death glare battle with Ashlee. The raven-haired girl growled into Luke’s mic, “Eheh...I’m sorry, who asked you~? If I remember correctly, Lukey asked me to come up here.”

    “If I remember correctly, you don’t even like 5s-” You covered Kailin’s mouth and looked up at Ashton worriedly. He was distracted by Ashlee, who looked at you with what seemed like obsidian eyes.

    “You two seem quite interactive. Why don’t you come up, too~?” She batted her eyes multiple times and smiled sweetly. It was the type of smile you’d give a puppy before letting the dog catcher take it away. “C’mon, everyone, they might be shy~ Let’s help them! Kailin, Y/n! Kailin, Y/n! Kailin, Y/n!” The crowd responded, chanting both of your names. You shook your head rapidly, thinking only one thing.

    This isn’t a part of the plan.

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