"Oh, hey, Y/N" He grabbed your phone to snap a picture.
"You know my name?" You asked, surprised.
"Of course, you come to all of our meet-and-greets. You're our regular" He smiled, then hugged you tight for your picture.


2. "The 5Suck Fans"


You grabbed your donut and sat back down by Jay and Kailin. It seemed they were ranting again.

"Ohh my god, my little sister deleted my file on my DS, so I lost all of mine!" Kailin said to Jay.

"Seriously? Catching a Shiny is like a 1 in an 8,935,714 chance!" He said, you heard his voice shaking as he did.

"I know! Do you name your Pokemon? Well I name them by the starting letter of their name. Mine was a girl, so I named it 'Cindy the Celebi' and I would mess around with it all the time. That Shiny Celebi was like my life's work!"

"That's so annoyi-" Jay looked at you, "oh, hey Y/N, sorry we were just ranting about Kai's (pronounced 'Kay') stupid little sister"

"As usual" you laughed and took a seat next to Kailin. You turned to her and pulled out your meet-and-greet tickets. "Kai, this will be our 5th meet-and-greet with the guys in a row. We've met them 5 times- in Seattle, LA, Canada, Osaka, and Sydney. We've traveled the world basically"

"I know, it's exciting. What if Michael remembers my name?" She covered her mouth and gasped.

"Nah, he wouldn't remember... I doubt if Ashton or any of the guys will remember what we even look like" you sigh sadly.

"Way to put a damper on things. Besides, you never know. Remember when Michael tweeted about one of his... umh... Fans? '#RIPRosy'?"

"Yeah, but she probably knew them personally."

"Are you guys going to ANOTHER meet-and-greet?" Jay asked.

"Yeah, our fifth one. But y/n doesn't seem very excited" Kailin answered.

"It's not that I'm not excited, it's just-"

"Aw, look who it is? The 5Suck Fans. Another meet-and-greet, eh? You never know, y/n, maybe Ashton Durr-win will notice you this time. What about you Fail-in? Which one do you like?" Ashlee, the school's most popular girl said to you. Aka, the Fifth Harmony freak and your bully.

"Michael Clifford..." Kailin said quietly.

"Sorry, what? Clifford? As in, like, Clifford the Big Red Dog?" Ashlee cackled.

"Okay, Ashlee. Stop. Your puns are stupid and we're tired of hearing them. And clearly, you're into Fifth Harmony so your music taste is the worst. Besides, don't you have friends you can irritate?" You stood up.

"Hey, 5H is bae. And Dinah is clearly the best" she flipped her hair, which smacked you in the face.

"Dinah? That's her name? What like Dinah-saur? Haha!" Jay laughed.

"Ok, look, Poke-freak. You are the weakest out of everyone in this school. I could destroy you"

"I'm so scared. Maybe I should slap it and it'll go away" Jay said, talking to you now.

"I'm pretty sure that's animal abuse". You laughed.

"Ugh! Why am I even wasting my time here? I don't care about you dills!* Have fun at 5 Seconds of Dumber's concert!" And with that, she walked away.

"Nice, Jay. Your comebacks are getting better!" You high-fived him. "Kai, where were you?"

"She's the school's princess, y/n. Mess with her, mess with the whole school. You should know" she said in almost a whisper.

In elementary school, Ashlee made fun of you for starting to like 5sos. Your mum was pushing you to start standing up for yourself, so you did. Ashlee embarrassed you so bad after that, everyone stopped talking, even looking at you. Those were the first days you started cutting. You've been doing so ever since, and Ashlee's hated you ever since. Nowadays, Ashlee's not even the only reason anymore.

*dill is an Aussie term for "idiot"

Sorry if the 5H part offends anyone, most of the opinions in this story (except Ashlee's) are imo

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