"Oh, hey, Y/N" He grabbed your phone to snap a picture.
"You know my name?" You asked, surprised.
"Of course, you come to all of our meet-and-greets. You're our regular" He smiled, then hugged you tight for your picture.


3. "Stick Figures"


As you spaced out, Jay and Kailin were talking about you. "Great job Kai, you broke her! She's doing it again!" You saw a blur wave past your unfocused eyes, which you guessed was his hand.

"I-I swear I didn't do anything! I just... Maybe... Made her remember something in elementary..." Kailin played with her hands as she talked.

"You know she has mental triggers!" Jay exhaled. "Whatever, thank god she's not too hard to bring back to reality"

"Yeah... I'll do the honors. Hey y/n Ashton Irwin is behind you"

You tried to stand your ground, but once you felt someone playing with your hair you had to turn around. Sadly, when you turned around it was just Jay. You lightly punched him in the arms.

"Jay! You know, you don't have to do that every time!" You crossed your arms.

"Yeah yeah I know... Irwin" You got "happy chills" when you heard this.

"I'm still mad at you, but I guess it's okay since you used my real last name" You smiled to yourself.

"Your real last name is y/l/n" Kailin giggled.

"Shut up, 'Hemmings'"


"Whatever, I'm gonna go now. Laterrr" you said as you walked off.

You walked to your first period class, Art. As you walked, you saw more and more of the same posters.

"Stomp Out Bullying" one said.

"Math Tutoring; Tuesdays and Fridays" said another poster.

"Suicidal Prevention Program" another said. You walked a little bit faster when you read this.

You made it past all of the disturbing the posters and walked into Art class. You took a seat and pulled out your art project that was due today. The assignment was to draw a picture of your idol or someone you look up to. From quick glances, you saw most people just drew stick figures or one of their parents. For those who actually put work into their drawings, you saw a Justin Beiber, Harry Styles, Zendaya, Abraham Lincoln, Russell Wilson, and Blake Shelton. The Blake Shelton was your friend Hailey's drawing. She didn't notice you, so you called her out.

"Hey, hey, Hailey, wont you save me?" You called, no one heard you, but she came up to you.

"Seriously?" She giggled, looking at your drawing.

"Oh shut up, Miss Blake Shelton" You rolled your eyes, but ended up also giggling.

"I wanted to do Michael Clifford, but I didn't want a certain Fifth Harmony fangirl bugging me about it" Hailey stuck out her tongue. It looked like she had just taken a bite out of a lemon

"Good thinking"

You had to take your seats, so Hailey left. You were so nervous. Everybody started to stand up and get in line, it must be the line t turn I the drawings. You sighed as you looked at yours. After you turned it in, you sat back down. You were so nervous about your drawing that you didn't pay attention for the rest of class. The school bell brought you out of your trance.

"Ok students, take your drawings home after school today" Your teacher called. You gabbed yours, and with a happy surprise you got an "A". You looked one more time at your drawing, sighed, and put it in your backpack.

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