"Oh, hey, Y/N" He grabbed your phone to snap a picture.
"You know my name?" You asked, surprised.
"Of course, you come to all of our meet-and-greets. You're our regular" He smiled, then hugged you tight for your picture.


5. "I'm Chandler"


School was over, and to be honest, you were beat. You were walking around in the halls, aimlessly wandering around, when someone walks up to you. He was tall, had sand-colored fluffy hair that only reminded you of Ashton's, and piercing dark brown eyes. You turned to him and he started to talk.

"Hey, I um, I'm Ashton" You shook your head in disbelief.

"Sorry, what?" You ask, trying to contain your excitement.

"I said I'm Chandler?" He says, confused.

"Oh" You pouted.

"Anyways, I'm kinda new here and everyone else has either gone home or pushed me away. You seem nice and you're here so, I was kinda wondering if you'd show me around maybe on Monday?" You saw him playing with his hands and almost felt a smile pull at your lips.

"Um, yeah sure, Monday. But just so you know, you may be the first person to ever guess that I would be a nice person. Stereotypes, I guess" You said, and with that, you turned and continued walking. You didn't hear anything for a while, so you guessed he left too. But then you heard faint footsteps. They got louder until there was a panting Chandler next to you. You stopped walking and looked at him. He caught his breath and looked at you. You didn't think you walked that far but when you turned, you realized you really did. "You know, you could've just called my name and I would've waited" You giggled.

"All in the moment I guess." You saw his face go red when he looked you in the eye.

"So, is there something else you need?" You crossed your arms, waiting for a reply. You were getting kind of impatient since you knew your mom would be wondering where you were if you got home late.

"I need? Um, yeah. I kinda need something"

"Okay, what?"

"Y-your phone number?" You looked at him in disbelief. He turned redder than before. He slowly pulled out his phone as if it were a gun. He sheepishly looked down at it and handed it to you.

"Um, okay..." You took his phone and put in your number. "Well if that's it then I kinda gotta go." You turned around.

"Wait, can't you just text your mum and ask her to pick you up later?" You involuntarily laughed at this.

"Sorry," You tried to stop, "it's just that I walk home. It's not far. Getting driven home or even taking the bus is a luxury I can't afford"

"You have to pay your parents to drive you home?" He asked, astonished.

"With money, no. With patience, yeah"

"Oh. Well where do you live?"

"Now you sound like a stalker," you tried to say in the kindest way.

"I was just wondering, maybe we live close by."

"What bus are you?"

"Umh, number 83"

"Okay, same. Street?"


"Okay, same. Maybe you could walk with me"

"O-okay!" He smiled.

"'Kay then let's go" You both turned and left school grounds.




It had been a good half hour before you got to Stills Street when you finally made it and showed Chandler your house. He stared in disbelief.

"Oh my god, this is so cheesy" He facepalmed himself.

"What, what?"

"Nothing, it's just, my house is right next to yours" He pointed to the left of your house.

"Oh my Lucifer, hahaha!" You couldn't contain your laughter. "But it's not that cheesy. What would be cheesy is if I liked you and you didn't know or you liked me and I didn't know. That would be cheesy" You sighed. "Anyway, I gotta go. Nice meeting and talking to you!" And with that, you crossed the street to your own comfy home.

"Home at last" You say as you plop on the couch and turn on your tv.


Chandler's POV

"Oh my Lucifer, hahaha!" Y/n laughed. "But it's not that cheesy. What would be cheesy is if I liked you and you didn't know or you liked me and I didn't know. That would be cheesy" She sighed and looked down. "Anyway, I gotta go. Nice meeting and talking to you!" She left me at the other side of the sidewalk and disappeared into her house.

"Told you it was cheesy" I whisper, and leave to my own home, right next to hers.

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