"Oh, hey, Y/N" He grabbed your phone to snap a picture.
"You know my name?" You asked, surprised.
"Of course, you come to all of our meet-and-greets. You're our regular" He smiled, then hugged you tight for your picture.


13. "Hey, Hey, Hailey"


Hailey was whining and at first you were irritated, but now you just found it funny. She was whining because the one person in front of her decided to buy the entire booth. Beanies, bracelets, sweatshirts, t-shirts, socks, flyers, autograph-copied pictures, everything. The brown-to-blonde ombre in the girl's hair kept whipping back and forth as she pointed out everything she wanted. Jesus, what kind of allowance does that girl get?  You think as the total came out to way over $200.

"Hey," Hailey whispered to herself, "you done buying the stadium, yet? Thanks. Other people want to buy stuff too, you little chicken nugget." You giggled when you heard this. "What? She's taking forever..."

"You'll probably take longer, Chicken Nugg," You ruffled Hailey's long orange hair. 

"Nu-uh. I'm a focused person. Plus 5sos will be on soon and I want to change into the merch I'm gonna buy." Hailey crossed her arms and pouted. The girl in front of Hailey must've heard her because she whipped her head around and stared daggers into Hailey's eyes.

"Yeah, and what're you gonna buy here? Antidepressants? Wait, sorry, you wouldn't be able to afford them." Hailey's eyes flickered in anger as she thought up a comeback.

"Awe, well wouldn't it be a shame if Daddy found out you stole his wallet and credit card? And for what? 50 different colors of the same t-shirt?!"

"Aye, at least I have a dad."

"Aye, at least your 'accent' is fooling you. Cos it's pretty clear you're not British, stop faking it so the guys will like you. They've even said it, they prefer us Americans better anyways."

"My accent is real!" She squealed. "If you must know, my name is Felicity-Rose. And who might a peasant like you he called, hmm? Emma? Maddie? Allison, perhaps?"

"Great job, Miss Felicity, maybe you fooled the security guard with your accent, too! Would you like a crumpet as a trophy? Or maybe more money for band merch?!" Hailey's voice was raising and people were looking.

"Hails, chill. She's just taking her sweet time. Don't let her get to you. Deep breaths," Kailin coaxed.

"Awe, that's so cute. She's like a little babysitter for you. You may need one from your behavior," Felicity swooped into a 180-spin and payed for all of her items. With a disgusted look, she turned on her heel and went another way.

"Finally," Hailey threw her head back and sighed. She looked back up at the vendor. "Okay, so can I get o-um, three of the sweatshirts up there? The black and white ones. And then could I also get two SnapBacks and a beanie?" Hailey pulled out her Lilo and Stitch wallet and waited for the total.

"That'll be $62, please. Be happy, were doing discounts like today only," the vendor smiled and whispered the last part to Hailey.

"Awesome! Thanks so much. And sorry about that drama with the girl a couple min- more like seconds ago."

"Nah, it's alright. Girls like her are always starting catfights. Here's your stuff," the vendor grinned ear-to-ear as Hailey's hand slipped on his when he handed her her bag.

"Hm. Aight. Thanks, uhh, Ezekiel," Hailey flashed her signature smile after reading the vendor's nametag and strutted out of the line. "Here you guys go. Y/n, I know you don't exactly prefer SnapBacks so I got you a beanie. Kailin, here's your SnapBack and sweatshirt." Hailey passed out all of the merch she bought and smiled. Kailin looked uneasy.

"Kai, what's wrong?"

"I dunno. It doesn't feel right, we were just supposed to come to the meet-and-greet but now we got a bunch of awesome merch that must've been really expensive."

"Kailin, it's aight. I bought it for you, it's a gift. Chill, it's no problem. Uh... Ze... Ezay... Ezekiel! That's his name. Ezekiel said there was a discount for some reason."

"You guys are so oblivious," you snicker. "There was no discount. He cut the price cos he was totally digging your little spunkiness you brought to Felicity. He likes you, Hay!"

"He doesn't look much older than us," Kailin examined Ezekiel from afar. You nodded and glanced at Hailey's bag when you noticed a smudge of black. Oh god, you think in happiness. He's so cheesy! That's adorable!

"Hailey...." Your voice becomes an octave higher. "Look at your bag!"

Hailey gives you a weird look and her expression softens as she sees the black writing on the plastic bag.

"Oh my god. 'Hey. Forgot to tell ya, but this has to go with your discount to make an official transaction.' Then there's an arrow pointing to a phone number and a smiley emoticon then a winky one." Hailey giggled at the array of colons and parentheses.

"Awee, he does like you! You should totally go talk to him when Y/n and I go see Asht-" you elbow Kailin before she finishes her sentence. "I mean, you should just go see him after the line dies down," she forces out. "Oh! I got your video, haha! Here, watch!" Kailin practically threw her phone at Hailey, who pressed play on Luke's virtual nose.

"Lost in reality," Ashton starts out the video. "I can feel you in the dark when I fall asleep," Michael continues, "All that's in my head are pictures of memories, words that you said to me," Calum sings as Luke steps into the camera's view. "Hey, hey, Hailey! Won't you save me? Haha, hi Hailey, sorry about our terrible singing. Especially Michael's! Love you! Michael don't you da-" the video stopped there.

"That was awesome. But I'd love to see what had happened after the video cut off."

"Who wants to bet Michael killed Luke again?" Kailin laughed and raised a $5 bill in the air.

"Again? That kinda scares me, Kai. Haha." You laugh as you think of the hilarious possibilities after that video.

"Thanks guys, I better head into the stadium before I forget where I'm sitting! I might lose the ticket in this crowd. See you guys later! Text me the video!" Hailey yells from deep inside the sea of fangirls.

"Now, let's go say hi to Ashton!" Kailin giggles and drags you to your idol.

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