"Oh, hey, Y/N" He grabbed your phone to snap a picture.
"You know my name?" You asked, surprised.
"Of course, you come to all of our meet-and-greets. You're our regular" He smiled, then hugged you tight for your picture.


16. "Darn Pessimist"


You felt cold. You felt betrayed. You felt lonely.

Your feet were starting to ache as Kailin's car came into view. You swore as you realized you don't have her keys, and after what just happened, she's not going to give them to you. God, it's cold, you think to yourself. You sigh and begin walking back to the stadium.

Kailin's POV

"God, why does she have to be so depressed all the time?" I roll my eyes and watch Y/n disappear. "She knows I'm the one who drove her here, right?" I look up and Michael's still standing there. "Tch... Whatever, soon enough she'll come crawling back~"

Ashton comes up from the opposite side of where Michael came, somewhat panting. "Where is she?" He looks at me. I stare deep into his eyes.

"You just missed her, stupid~" I say and continue to glare at him.

He seemed to totally ignore me calling him stupid. "Missed her? Where'd she go?"

"She left, you idiot. Michael came before you and she lost faith~ not that she ever had any... She's probably walking to a bus right about now, knowing her. She's not coming back, she wants to prove a point." I roll my eyes and Michael lets go of me. He walks around me to where he's standing next to Ashton and looking at me.

"God, but I was only a little late!" Ashton whines.

"Too bad. Y/n isn't the best when it comes to trust~ if you're late, or you don't show up and forget to tell her, or even tell her to sit next to you when there's no room, she'll freak. She has her reasons, I guess~" I sigh and shiver. "She's such a darn pessimist though..."

Michael tries to lighten the mood a bit. "Come on, mate, she loves you. She'll come back! I mean, think about it; she thought you never remembered her and kept coming to these meet-and-greets just to see you." He looks at Ashton with hopeful eyes. Ashton seems to perk up instantly.

"You know what? You're right."

"Course I am," Michael snorts. Ashton replies by lightly punching him in the shoulder.

"She'll be back..." Ashton tries to stay positive.

We all say the same thing at the same time:

"I hope."


You continue to shiver even after you've walked into the stadium. "God, can't they make it a little warmer in here?" You growl to yourself. "I don't even know why I'm coming back.. I could've just taken the bus."

You walk past an opening to inside the arena where everyone is seated. Everyone was already standing, and the opening act hasn't even started yet. There were still quite a few people you had to push past in order to go any further. After a few minutes of walking, you see a figure of a familiar brunette hugging herself, most likely to stay warm. You sigh and walk faster.

"Uhh... H-hey, Kailin," you mumble while looking down, watching your feet walk closer to her. When your feet are parallel to yours you stop, but you don't look up. You're too humiliated to look at Kailin or Michael.

"Hey," Kailin says in a firm but somewhat happy voice that confused you. You continue to keep your eyes affixed on your shoes.

"Umh.." You begin. You mumble, "sorry about walking out like that.." Rubbing your left arm with your right hand, you begin to go off apologizing without meeting her eyes. "I'm sorry I got mad because Michael came... A-And Ashton didn't.. I'm sorry I'm such a downer and I make everything all sad.. I'm sorry I have trust issues and that half the time I never listen to other peoples' thoughts and ideas and opinions and-" she cuts you off with a hug. You hesitantly hug back, wondering how she could hug you when you've just dragged her down all the time.

Kailin bends her head down to where her mouth is aligned with your left ear. She whispers, "just shut up and look up already" and slightly giggles.

"Right... I should apologize to Michael too, huh?" You look up sadly and your mouth hangs open just a bit. There are two figures standing there with the same expression on their faces. They were the same expressions and yet you couldn't identify them. They looked like what a visual of Kailin's firm-ish happy voice would look like. Both figures just stood there and stared at you. You opened your mouth a little wider, but no sound emitted. Michael and-


A/n: sorry guys! I know it's been like two months and this is really short but I wanted to give you at least something >_< anyways, I promise I'll try and update more~ I've been a bit busy, but I can do it~ thanks for not leaving after so long😅 -Asha.Clifford

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