One shot

Mina has known Min yoongi since the first year of middle school. One argument lead to another, and now they hate each other's guts. What happens when a certain situation goes wrong and they have to pay for it by "getting along." Mina and yoongi's attempt at getting a long might go a little farther than she hoped, and don't forget about 6 other guys who will make this task utterly impossible.


2. We're what?!

I woke up an hour earlier, got ready for school, and for the first time this school year left my gym bag behind.

When I got to school I saw yoongi leaning against a wall using his phone. We glared at each other for a second, then I kept walking towards the school. I got to the club room 5 minutes before him and sat down at a desk in the back of the class. He sat in a chair all the way in the front. Good, stay there far away from me. After the rest of the club members piled in a teacher came in and explained the rules and meaning of the club. I decided to not pay attention and just watched the people around me. Besides me, the only girl, there was 7 guys in total. Out of the 7, I only knew three of them. Yoongi, namjoon, and taehyung. The teacher introduced the rest as jungkook, seokjin, jimin and hoseok.

After 30 minutes of talking the teacher assigned us partners. Of course with my luck, I was paired up with 'him'.

I swear, god just hates me.

The teacher finally left the classroom and let us do whatever we wanted. Yoongi walked over to me and I bit my lip, turning my head towards the back window.

He leaned against one of the seats and crossed his arms together.

"I'm waiting."

"For?" I sat up from my seat and placed my hands on the desk, leaning towards him. This time I wasn't avoiding eye contact.

"An apology", he bluntly said.

"What the hell for?"

"Getting us kicked off the team", He said while unlocking his arms from his chest, and placing them onto the wooden desk. He leaned in towards me. I felt myself getting heated and my hands clenched into fists.

"It was your fault! I'm not apologizing for shit!" Here comes my screaming again. By this point the other guys were all staring at us. Oops.

"Bullshit. We're in this stupid club because of you!"

I can't believe the bs that was coming out of his mouth. "You're impossible! Just admit it was your fault." I yelled at him again. We were getting nowhere with this arguing.

I counted to ten mentally then sat down again. Yoongi leaned against the other seat, this time resting his hands in his school pants pockets. Namjoon walked over to us and the other guys followed.

"What?" I coldly said to him, hoping for him to leave us alone. I was in no mood to be talked to by a bunch of idiots.

He ruffled yoongi's hair and yoongi shoved him back. "What's going on with you two lovebirds?"

I gagged at this.

"Nothing namjoon, stop trying to get into my business all the time." Yoongi glared at namjoon and namjoon smiled back. Namjoon greeted me and then sat down in front of my table. Taehyung sat down next to me and put his arm around my shoulders. I could see yoongi staring at us from the corner of my eye. "What's up tae?", I asked him. Let's just get this awkwardness out of the way.

"How did you two get in here anyways?", he asked.

I sighed then explained the situation.

Jimin started laughing then sat down next to me on my right. "That was you two?" He laughed again before continuing. "I was there! I got splattered with paint."

I giggled then patted his back. "Yeahhh sorry about that."

He leaned in towards me, making me blush a little. "It's fine." He smiled at me and winked.

"Oh stop flirting with every girl jimin." The voice was coming from the guy named jungkook.

"I wasn't flirting" Jimin answered. His cheeks turned a light shade of pink, and he turned his head away from mine. Jungkook grabbed a seat from another desk and turned it towards mine and sat down. "I'm in here because I don't give a shit about school and don't feel like trying to pass, what about everyone else?"

"Bullying." Namjoon answered.

"I tried to pull another prank on my math teacher, but failed. The principal decided this club would change my "ways"." This was Hoseok, aka hobi.

"Same as hobi." Tae answered.

"I kind of contributed to namjoon's bullying." This surprised me because it came from the Jin guy, who looked like he wouldn't even hurt a fly.

Yoongi finally sat down in front of me and joined the conversation.

"Look Mina I'm sorry, okay?" Yoongi said looking into my eyes. This caught me off guard and I began coughing.

"The shit head king is finally apologizing?" I said mockingly to him. He rolled his eyes and stuck his middle finger at me.

"Ha ha, very funny." He pretended to laugh then got serious again. "We need to find a way to get back into the team."

"Yeah, Hyorin told me that as well last night, said we should show the principal that we get along" I said putting the emphasis on "along".

"Look, I don't like the idea either but we have to try."

"Yeah, I know."

I hate this idea with every fiber of my body, but I have to get back into the team. I just have to. Now Jin spoke.

"Hey, I have an idea. How about after school you all can spend the night at my place and I can take a picture of you two "getting along", and then you can show the principal the picture next week."

I mentally barfed at the idea of taking a picture with him, but we all decided to agree on it.

"Wait, but aren't your parents home? Wouldn't they be bothered with a bunch of teenagers roaming around. And besides, my parents won't like the idea of me spending the night at a guy's house, with 6 other guys there" I told Jin, hoping there might be some way out of hanging out with Yoongi. But of course he had the perfect answer.

"I live alone. And just convince your parents to let you stay over your girl-friend's house, it is Friday after all." I rolled my eyes again then agreed to try to convince my parents.


After school I was able to talk my parents into letting me stay over "hyorin's house". I packed my bag with pajamas for the night, extra clothes for the morning, my toothbrush/toothpaste and some makeup. I opened up my dresser drawer and picked out a loose shirt and black leggings to change into. After about 30 minutes, Jin arrived at my house with jungkook to pick me up, and he drove back to his house. When we arrived I stared at the building in amazement. It was a tall, grey building with glass windows, and balconies. The building had an employee standing outside, opening and closing doors for the residents. "Wow are your parents rich or something? It's impossible to buy an apartment here!" I asked him.

"That's literally what I asked! This building is amazing," Jungkook said.

"My parents are the owners of a popular shoe company. They had to move to the states but they trusted me enough to let me live by myself in an apartment."

"That's amazing." I was super jealous of him. These apartments were super expensive to live in.

Jungkook carried my bag inside and we headed up to the second to last floor of the building. Jin unlocked his apartment door and then held the door open for us. When I got inside I saw the rest of the guys sitting on a huge couch watching tv. His apartment had a huge tv, a kitchen, two bathrooms, one master bedroom and two guest rooms. One guest room had a huge king sized bed while the other had two more.

"Hey Mina come sit next to me" jimin shouted while patting the seat next to him. I sandwiched between him and yoongi, and jimin put his arm around my waist. I looked at him confused and then he smiled at me. "Hey hyung take a picture of us three, so we can show it to the principal" jimin had told hobi. Hobi took out a blue polaroid camera from his bag and pointed it towards us. The rest of the guys leaned in for the pic. He was about to take it when he stopped and stared at me and yoongi.

"You guys don't look friendly enough! Lean in or hug each other or something." I turned to yoongi in disgust and he looked at me the same.

We slowly wrapped our arms around each other and faked smiled for the picture. I felt like I was dying right there, having to even touch him was gross. When hobi took the picture we both gagged out of disgust and pushed each other away. Jimin laughed at us and moved his arm up to my shoulders.

"You guys are so funny. Come on, try to get along please."

Believe me jimin, I'm really trying here.

"I can't get along with her. She's like a germ, always there and making you sick."

Namjoon began cracking up at what yoongi said. I took jimin's arms off my shoulders and started punching yoongi in the stomach.

"Wha- Mina stop!" Yoongi began fighting back, of course. He grabbed my shoulders and threw me onto jimin. We fell off the couch in such a way that I landed on top of him, and I swear I heard one of jimin's bones crack. We laid there for a second staring at each other until I quickly got up and leaned over jimin.

"Omg are you okay? I'm so sorry. Did I hurt anything?" I observed his arms and legs to make sure I didn't leave a bruise. He giggled and I helped pull him up.

"I'm fine."

I could hear yoongi's obnoxious laugh in the background. I turned to him and scowled. "That's not funny, I could've seriously hurt him," I told yoongi. Yoongi shrugged and got off the couch to go get food. "Oh my god, he just irritates me," I whispered to myself. I sometimes wonder why we can't just get along, then incidents like that happen and I remember why. I try so hard to be friendly with him, but it's like he wants to start fights with me. Why does he get me so flustered and nervous?

Trying to forget my thoughts, I sat back on the couch next to Namjoon and rested my head against yoongi's neck pillow he had brought.


I looked over at yoongi who was sitting at the kitchen table eating pizza Jin had ordered. I gave him a dirty look. He returned one.

"Stop laying on my pillow and leaving your dirty lice on it!"

"I don't even have lice, shut up!" I yelled back at him. I looked towards his mouth and noticed the pizza left sauce all over it. "And how about you wipe your mouth clean before spitting shit at me." I grabbed his neck pillow and threw it at his head, but accidentally throwing it to jungkook's head. I burst out laughing, and he did the same. "I'm sorry!"

Jungkook said it was fine and handed yoongi his pillow. After awhile I got to know all the boys a bit better, and we were all becoming closer friends. When it turned 12 Jin picked out a scary movie for all of us to watch. We all squeezed together on the couch, and I sat between jungkook and jimin.

"Just saying, scary movies are not my thing." I said laughing out of nervousness and jimin put his arms around my waist again. He leaned into my ear and whispered, "it's okay. I'll be here to protect you." His breath tickled my neck and I blushed super hard. Normally I would find these kinds of comments from boys cheesy, but hearing it come from jimin put a smile on my face. Suddenly, jungkook placed his hand on my inner thigh, causing me to lightly jump because it was so unexpected. I quickly put my hand onto his and lightly pushed it away from my thigh.

"What are you doing?" I whispered to him.

He licked his lips and looked down for a second at his hand. Then he looked back up into my eyes and smirked. First jimin, now him? I could feel my heartbeat beginning to race and I was blushing even more. Jungkook glanced over at jimin when he released his arms from my waist. Replacing jimin, Jungkook brought his arm around my waist and began to slide it downwards. Before he could go any lower, my left hand quickly grabbed his and moved it back up. I turned towards him and shook my head no. What is his problem? I don't mind him putting his arm around my waist for comfort but, we just met this morning, and even worse: there's other people here!

Out of the corner of my eye I could see yoongi looking over at us. Namjoon noticed us moving as well but then turned his head back at the movie. When I turned to look at yoongi he quickly averted his eyes to the movie, pretending not to see me. Jungkook placed his arm around my shoulder and pulled me closer to him. I could feel my heart racing super fast and I was starting to nervously sweat. It didn't help that both jimin and yoongi kept glancing over at the both of us and watching our every move. Towards the middle of the movie I moved jungkook's arm from my shoulder and scooted away from him, hoping to stop jimin and yoongi from looking over at us.


The movie ended up being not that scary, so I didn't have to scream or hold onto anyone. When the movie finished Jin turned off the tv and then turned to us.

"I think it's time we head to sleep. So, who's sleeping with who?"

Everyone looked at each other and shrugged at Jin. Well, everyone but me. I was staring at yoongi. Please god, anyone but him.

"Okay then, how about we just sleep with the people we got as partners in the club?"

No. No. No

"No!" Yoongi and I yelled at the same time.

We looked at each other and pretended to throw up.

"Anyone but her(him)!" We were repeating each other again.

"She could sleep with me" Jungkook suggested.

"Or me" jimin replied. Jungkook and jimin turned their heads to each other and scowled.

"Guys, stop being babies." This was hobi.

"Think of it this way, this is a chance to get a long."

"He has a point" Tae said.

Before yoongi and I could even object, Jin grabbed both ours bags and threw them in the guest room with one king sized bed.

"Have fun!"

While all the other guys gathered into the rooms they would be sleeping in, yoongi had left into the room and I sat alone on the couch.

I looked over at Jungkook when he walked back into the room to grab his bag. He looked  at me and put on a pouty face.

"Wish it was us instead of him" I told him.

"Yeah. We could of had a lot of fun." He winked at me then headed into the room where he would be sharing with jimin.

I'm not sleeping with him. I just can't! Out of all the people, of course it's him. Stupid Jin and his stupid ideas.

I sat on the couch for awhile on my phone until I decided to head into the room to take a shower and get my bag. I'm just going to sleep on the couch.

Fuck it.


Hiii~ If you're reading this I hope you're enjoying the story so far! And if you have any questions or suggestions lmk <3

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