One shot

Mina has known Min yoongi since the first year of middle school. One argument lead to another, and now they hate each other's guts. What happens when a certain situation goes wrong and they have to pay for it by "getting along." Mina and yoongi's attempt at getting a long might go a little farther than she hoped, and don't forget about 6 other guys who will make this task utterly impossible.


1. Beginning of the end

"I hate him"

"No you don't"

"I can't stand the sight of him, so I think it's pretty clear I do". I was leaning my head against my hand while tapping my fingers on the school desk. My best friend Hyorin was trying to calm me down but of course, it wasn't working.

"Look at him, just sitting there with his stupid red hair, and stupid school uniform. Ugh!". I pretended to gag in my mouth and Hyorin laughed.

"In my opinion I would say you like him". I punched Hyorin in the arm and began to gag again.

"Eww! Why would you even say that?".

"I mean, people do tend to tease the ones they like sooo." I scrunched my face and shook my head. Not in this situation sista.

"Just stop yourself there. I will NEVER like him, got it?". I was getting heated now. How stupid can Hyorin be?!

"Fine. Fine, whatever you say". Hyorin giggled at my reaction and turned towards the board to take notes. I just fell asleep, as I usually did, and Hyorin promised once again to let me copy her notes.

My name is Mina Lee and I'm in my third year of high school. So is my best friend Hyorin. I have dark straight hair, while Hyorin has brown/orangish wavy hair. I've known Min Yoongi since my first year of middle school, and for some reason we've always hated each other. No, actually, there are a couple of reasons why.

It started in my first year of middle school where I was accepted into the basketball team instead of him. Then the next year he was able to join and became the shooting guard, meaning he took my place and I was bumped to point guard. We had to fake being friends since we were on the same team but, we knew we always hated each other because of that. Then that problem grew into something bigger, as we began to fight over EVERY little thing. We were both competitive and wanted to become first in everything, maybe that's why we hated each other so much.

The hatred followed us to high school, and lucky me I have almost every class with him. The biggest drama at the moment is who is gonna become the new team leader of the basketball team. And as you've probably guessed, yoongi and I....we're fighting for that spot.

When the bell rang for lunch I sat up from my school desk and stretched my arms back. Hyorin put on her school bag and turned to me. "Wanna join me for lunch?". I was about to agree when a stupid red haired kid came up to us. Since our desks were right in front of the back wall, he leaned up against it and put his foot up.

"What do you want idiot?". Ughh. Every time I lay eyes on him I can't help but feel sick to my stomach.

"Coach made an announcement this morning."

"Oh just get to the point, you're getting on my nerves already and you haven't even said two sentences!". Yoongi smirked at this then stalled more time by looking out the school window.

I groaned then kicked his knee, causing him to grab it and mumble a curse word.

"Chill Mina, I was just messing with you. Anyways, coach made an announcement that whoever wanted to be the team captain would have to go straight to him when it's lunch." My eyes widened at this statement and he smirked again.

"I'm getting that spot." I said this with confidence, and yoongi scoffed at me. I know I can get that spot, I've trained longer and harder than him. Yoongi suddenly eyed his school bag over by his desk. I followed his gaze and saw his red gym bag laying on the floor, his clothes everywhere. He still needs to gather his things...meaning I have a head start. Before I could say goodbye to Hyorin I was already out the door, running to the gym. I thought I was ahead until I heard footsteps behind me catching up. Yoongi was calling out for me, which made me run even faster. Picking up speed, I started shoving students out of the way in the process. There was no time to say sorry, yoongi is not getting there before me.

I finally made it to the gym doors, and to my surprise yoongi was already there, kneeling down and catching his breath.

"How the h-hell did you g-get here so f-fast" I said in between breathes.

"I'm j-just fas-ster face I-it" he replied, trying not to have a coughing attack.

I finished catching my breath, pulled my gym bag over my shoulder and began to head over to the gym doors. Before I could even lay a finger on the door handle yoongi grabbed onto my leg and started pulling me down.

"Stop fucking touching me." I put my hand on his forehead and starting shoving him backwards. This struggle lasted for a minute, because apparently we had equal strength.

"I would have to die before you become captain!" he yelled at me, now beginning to grab ahold of my waist and pulling me down.

What's even the point of this? By now our coach might've already picked a team captain! I wasn't ready to give up though, once min yoongi challenged me....there's no backing down. I started pulling on his red, stupid, dirty hair hoping to hurt him enough so he could let go.

Suddenly he shoved me back and stood up. Although yoongi was shorter compared to other guys in the school, he was still a bit taller than me. He walked closer to me, his body looming over mine. I thought he was finally going to stop fighting until he grabbed my arms and started shoving me back. I grabbed onto his collared shirt and began shoving him the opposite way. I thought I was winning...until I noticed how far we'd traveled from the gym and were back in the hallways of the school. Yoongi tightened his grip on me and started shoving me even harder, until something unthinkable happened. He had shoved me against a girl student who was standing on a ladder painting the schools wall. When I bumped into her....all hell broke loose.

She fell from the ladder, bringing me down with her. The buckets of paint that were sitting on a higher ladder fell down in all different places, splashing everywhere: on the walls, on yoongi himself, on us, different students passing by, and listen to this....the principal.



By the time yoongi and I were sitting in the principals office, the blue paint that had fallen on us was dried and stuck onto our hair. Unfortunately, yoongi and I were sat next to each other and we began shoving each other back and forth like a bunch of babies. We continued pushing and poking each other until we stopped when the principal walked in and sat in her desk in front of us. She was a mess. She had red paint all over her outfit, and her hair was drenched green. She pushed up her glasses higher up on her nose then crossed her hands together.


Yoongi and I were both confused at this question.


This time her voice was louder, and angrier.

"Why is it that you two are the only students I ever see in this office. How many times have you been sent in here already this school year?"

I looked away in shame. "5 times."

"10", Yoongi replied.

The principal sighed then sat back in her chair more comfortably. "This behavior has got to stop! You both are teammates, act like it for once." I felt yoongi looking at me from the corner of his eye but I just ignored him.

"If you can't act like teammates then maybe you shouldn't even be considered teammates at all."

It was those exact words that ended up ruining my life. We were both kicked off the team, and even worse: assigned to the "help one another" club, where supposedly all the "bad" kids of the school go to to fix their ways. We were then sent home to wash up, just like that. The principal acted like nothing serious just happened.

Yoongi and I both stepped outside the office and stood next to each other for a couple of seconds before I broke the silence.

"You ruined my life!" At this point I was screaming, not caring about a thing. He started getting angry, and his face turned red.

"This is all your fault!", He yelled back at me. I cannot believe he just said that.

"How the hell is this my fault, you're the one who shoved me into that girl!"

"That wouldn't have happened if you'd just accept that I was going to be team captain, and not run off out of the class", He yelled back at me and we glared at each other.

"You're ridiculous!", I said this while trying to hold back my tears. Basketball was my everything, and of course this idiot had to ruin it.

Is he really serious? This was all his fault. He was the one who put his hand on me in the first place. I wiped away my tears and stomped off away from him. No reason to continue fighting, I was done with him.

When I got home I was yelled at by my parents, then sent off to the shower. The principal probably called them and told them what had happened. After showering I changed into my pj's and just sat on my bed doing nothing. I waited until the school day was over to call Hyorin and tell her what happened.

H- "Damn. I'm sorry Mina. Basketball is everything to you. Fuck yoongi, honestly."

M- "What I need to do is fuck him up" "ugh god Hyorin this is why I hate him"

H- "Well maybe if you show the principal how well you two can get along, maybe she'll put you back on the team?"

M- "huh, get along with that scumbag? Yeah I don't think so."

H- "cmon Mina don't be so stubborn, at least make an effort to get back on the team."

No matter how much I hated it, she was right. How else where we supposed to get back onto the team? I forced myself to agree to try to get along with him, then for an hour just talked to her about normal girl things.

After awhile I hung up and went straight to sleep. I did have to wake up extra early, thanks to yoongi. Our "help one another" club started an hour before school.

Yay me.


Hey everyone this is a new story I came up with. Obviously since this is the first chapter it's not that interesting, but I promise to work super hard on the other chapters to come. Enjoy :)<3 And if anyone wants me to check out their story, feel free to ask me.

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