My Drug


2. slap

Riley's pov

It's not that I don't want to be alone with Austin I'm afraid to be alone with him. He controls everything I do who I talk to and if I don't do what he says he hits me. No one knows about that except my friends Becky, and Taylor.

We are on our way to Austin's friend Alex house also Taylor when my phone rings it was my brother Josh. Austin looked over at me I answered it.

"Hello,hey,yea everything is great,shes with Austin's mom, ok I have to go bye,love you to."

I hung up and looked over only to see a angry Austin.

"Who was that?" He said with anger in his voice.

"It's was just my brother josh." Like always I said looking down at my lap.

"I thought I told you not to talk to him."He said pulling over the car.

"Austin I can't just stop talking to my brother." Said getting mad

A sharp pain rush through my right cheek. He had hit me again nothing new I sat there and he pulled back on the highway. We were in front of Alex house I open the door to get out Austin came to my side pulling me in for a hug he always does this when he hits me.

" I'm sorry I shouldn't have gotten so upset just listen to me next time ok?" He said pulling away looking down at me I shook my head yes.

Right after that Alex's and Taylor came out the house. Alex gave me a long hug witch only made Austin look over at me if looks could kill Alex and me both would be dead. He pulled away and went to talk to Austin when Taylor walked over to me she looked at my cheek pulling me to the side. She saw the mark and this day will not end with me having just one bruise.

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