My Drug


1. just us

Riley's pov

I was out putting Lilly into the car because she is spending the week with Austin's mom. Austin came out the house looking angry I thought I did somethings wrong.

"Riley have you seen my phone"he asked in a deep tone letting me know he was pissed.

"No but did you check in the screen room?"I asked

"Don't you think I would fuck Riley think sometimes" he yelled at me before storming back into the house.

Austin pov

God why does she have to be so damn dumb I swear I wanted to slap the shit out of her but I can't hit her when Lilly was right there. I walked into the screen room and saw my phone fuck she was right. I walked back out locking the door and Riley was already in the car.

Riley POV

Austin got in the car I'm guessing he found his phone. On our way to drop off Lilly Austin had the music to loud and it was bothering Lilly. I turned down the radio Austin looked at me and back at the road turning it back up, this time I turned it off.

"Riley what the fuck why did you do that?" Austin said not looking at me.

"It's bothering Lilly" I said with my head down.

Austin looked at me then Lilly looking back at the road. We got to Michaels house Austin's mom. We all got out and she pulled me into a hug as Austin got Lilly and her things. We talked for a little then left. Austin looked over at me putting his hand no my thigh "just us". he said and damn I'm scared.

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