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Luke Hemmings

"Babe?" I questioned "yeah" Lilli spoke softly "what day is it?" I asked groaning because it definitely wasn't the weekend "Monday" she groaned.

I slowly stepped out of bed before taking a quick shower, I put on my green day top with dark skinny jeans before combing my hair into a quiff

Lilli Horan

Shit. I didn't text Niall I was sleeping round Luke's. I quickly searched my phone seeing I had 12 missed calls from Niall with 8 texts 3 missed calls from mum with 34 texts and a missed call from Harry I rolled my eyes when I saw what Harry text, he's so jealous of me and Luke.

"Babe" Luke said tired, obviously he stayed up all night "yeah" I replied he got up groaning "what day is it?" Ugh Monday great "Monday" I said groaning

too he quickly took a shower before putting what he always wears.

I quickly go into the shower right after Luke before putting on my white vest top with denim shorts as its boiling hot here in Australia I don't know how Luke wears jeans. We stepped out into the flaming air before making our way to hell aka school I grabbed his hand before giggling as he flinched.

Hi guys so this nearly had 100 reads! Already wow! Could you check out my other story 'my hero' and get it to 8k? Anyway HAPPY EASTER WHOO! Did you get loads of chocolate/sweets? I did! 🐥🐥🐥🐥

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