The Demon Hunters


1. Prologue

A long time ago, the demon lord, Lucifer, spawned his evil children on the world. For years chaos raged upon the humans as they fought off these evil creatures. The clan of magicians ended the Awful Age by sealing Lucifer and his power deep inside the ground and hereby stopping the evil from mass-producing further. The demons, left behind by their master, were cut down one by one until what was left fled out to the farthest corners of the earth. Here they learned how to betray the humans by seducing them, making them see things and some of them even mated with the humans to create evil unnatural creatures, but what they did not know was, that the part of the creature’s humanity would make them long for human feelings like love and lust and even kindness. Of course in the beginnings, women who would give birth to such creatures would be hunted down, killed for this abomination should they not want to kill the child themselves. But of course this is a long time ago. Today half demons are seen everywhere and their descendants as well…

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