The Watson Letters

A series of letters between a brother and his sister about their new lives in England.


2. Chapter Two

Chapter Two - Letter Two



Brother Terry, 

I have read of your adventures, and I hope you are doing well. Lucy and I have been working together to form a small tailor shop; right across from the famous Pennington Bookstore! I greatly send back a small gift for you, and I hope everyone in the Morin Mansion will envy it. Please enjoy the new novel I have placed in this package for you. 

Thank you for reminding me of Mother's birthday, though I do not wish to celebrate it. I have burned the ring in the fire of Madam Dorothy's home. Please do not take my hatred as to hurt you, but as to hurt her. She is dead, and nothing can change that. I have sent back the remains of her jewels, as well as the dress she mended for me. 

I have very exciting news. Dearest Terry, I am in love! In love, with the man from the bookstore! His name is Thomas Pennington, and I have only spoken with him once. And my shyness prevents me from physically walking up to him and speaking with him. But Lucy has made up a plan to help me with my problems: breathe in, breathe out, and look good. 

We hear your plea! Madam Dorothy, our teacher, has offered to help you with your teachings. She has sent a package to the Ortega Post Office filled with dictionaries and educational books. I hope these help.

Also, you might want to ask Lewis about his "methods" for practically asking out a lady. It bothers me that you were asked to educate a doctors children, but you can't even realize that women clearly do not like the way you are conversing. If you want a lovely lady, you must accept my advice: start casual conversation, invite the woman to lunch, and keep the relationship calm. Do not tip the bucket and let the water flow; respect her body and soul (words of wisdom from your dearest Velma). 

Yes, I very much remember Church. I've been praying for you, and I appreciate your prayers for me. Please be safe with the Morin family. 





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