Hey originally this is a video game.But i love the story plot of the video game.And I am a really big fan.So wanted everyone to enjoy primal is about a girl named Jen and her rescue adventure to save Lewis her boyfriend from demons.


2. From Mortalis to Oblivion

Jennifer Tate is pretty ordinary or so she thinks. Sure, her life has been tough, losing both her parents as a baby and growing up in a string of foster homes. But Jen is a fighter she knows how to get by. Now twenty one, she works as a waitress, scraping together money to put herself through college. Jen lives with her boyfriend Lewis, lead singer in an up and coming rock band. It is hard to believe that it was almost two years ago that fate brought them together, two souls more alike than either can comprehend.

Just lately, Lewis has been having really bad nightmare...dreams that make no sense, dreams that he can't even begin to explain to Jen...

Then one night, as his band nears the end of their set, Lewis spots a huge, staring, misshapen figure. He is unnerved and leaves the stage in a sweat even Jen is unable to reassure him something is not right.

As they leave the club, Lewis's nightmares become real...a monstrous creature bellows into the night. Jen is knocked to the ground, hitting her head hard. As she black out, her last vision is of her boyfriend, lifted away into the night sky as if he were a rag doll.

As Jen slips in and out of consciousness, images of doctors and nurses standing over her give way to visions of talking stone gargoyles. She sits up, looks down on her still unconscious body. Scree, servant of Arella, goddess of order is about to change her life, forever.

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