Behind Her Dreams

A girl with no family any more.
A girl that war destroyed.
A war that her family started.
And three years latter she's still picking up the peaces.
When Lilith creates A life for her self out of nothing, the past rushes right back into her life.

So what happens when she meets her future at the same time?
What happens when both sides break into her life? Would she run from them?
Or would she stand up on her feet and fight?


5. Slaps and Maxon.


I was angry.
What Maxon did isn't that bad but still, I was angry.

"Whoa. do I smell smoke L? You know smoken' hot? No. Okay." I was not laughing. Not because I was mad, but god that wasn't funny at all.
I came up to him with my fists clenched hard as a rock. I wasn't going to hit him, but slap him? Oh hell yes!

The sound of my slap echoed around the empty bar. And his face was frozen into shock, but since Maxon is Maxon, he had to opened his stupid mouth. "I guess it wasn't the dress?"

"No! It wasn't the freaking dress." I fixed my dress to emphasis my meaning and then smiled. "It's your stupidity." My sweet smile was so plastic and annoying, that I wanted to slap myself. "But the dress is nice. Thank you."

"Well, your-" Maxon froze again and I watched him turn into stone. The way he froze almost seemed robotic that I started to worry. Does hard slaps cause brain damage? Did mine?

The next thing he did was terrifying it almost made me believe that I had actually damaged his brain, because he was sniffing. Maxon was SNIFFING. Like a dog!
What exactly?

"Ehhm," I was getting worried. But when he heard me he snapped out of it.

"Oh sorry Lilith. I think my ma- date for tonight just arrived with John." His date? And why did the driver bring her? Why didn't this asshole pick her up?
I raised my eyebrow in a perfect arch. My question was loud and clear.

"Oh right. Blind date," he smiled "your friend, Eric, thought I'd like her. And since she was already invited I asked her to be my date tonight." Just as he finished a girl wearing a beautiful lilac dress stepped into the bar.

"Lavi!" It was Lavender. Oh my god. And she was more than beautiful in that dress. She almost looked-

"Angelic." Maxon said his eyes full of lust. Lavender smiled at him and thanked him. Apparently she wasn't surprised to see me.

"Hey L." She smiled " I can finally watch you sing," she winked at me and took Maxon's hand that was stretched and ready for her. Maxon was looking at her with utter fascination. Like she was the most beautiful creature on earth. Like she was the only one.

"Eric set this up?" I was curious to why Eric would do that. Last time I tried to set Lavi with somebody he was totally against it. But then he didn't tell me he liked me because I felt like he only had eyes for Lavi at the time and I ruined it.

"Yeah" lavender breathed out with a huge smile. "What did you do to the poor guy?" Maxon had a huge smug smirk on his face. He looked at me with proud eyes and said "beat the fuck out of him, and let me tell you the show was quite entertaining."

I thought Lavi would be mad but she only laughed. "Well, I felt guilt and sin all over him. He deserves it Lilith, so don't get all worked up about it." I smiled at her. She gets it.

"Well, shall we go. The party starts at 8 and I don't want to be late. I need to check up on something before we start the ceremony."

"It's 7:27 pm." Lavi rolled her eyes at my response and turned to Maxon.

"Sure." Lavi was smiling up at him like he was the only man out there too. This was weird and I have a feeling that this, whatever it is happening between them right now, is going to be on for a long while. I just hope Maxon isn't stupid to hurt her like the others.


Maxon gave me the details of the night in the car.

First there will be about three dances without singing that will last about an hour or so, to introduce some of the new couples around town. The couples are already informed, and they will start the first dance.

When the first dance is over, the rest are welcome to join for the next two. "And if anybody asks you to dance sweety, don't you dare decline." Lavi added, and I kept rolling my eyes and huffing at every comment she made.

When you have my past with men, you sure as hell would decline all.

And after the dances the guests are escorted out of the ball room and into the decorated garden. There will be drinks and some appetizers served, and people could talk and get introduced to others, "It's a great way to know your enemies and friends, or to set up business deals. It's beneficiary."

I'll take the stage and start singing in the garden. Then there will be diner served at 10:30 back inside. Maxon and Lavi would come and take me inside so I can find my seat. After dinner some of the people would leave.

"It's going to be kids our age only after that. People from ages about 17 to 24 will stay, the rest will leave for a town meeting to decide some stuff about town and security. Adult shit."

I thought that would at least spare me from singing but as the genius Maxon was, I'm the only one to sing tonight, unless Maxon tells me who can sing from them, then I could work my magic.

I do it all the time at the bar. Whenever I don't feel like singing I would turn it into some singing contest with the high school kids. And some of them are good.

We arrived ten minutes later to Jackson's house. I have been in his house once when the Weathers' invited me. And yes their family name is Weathers. We had a nice dinner and I got introduce to Mrs. Weathers, Jackson's wife and Maxon's mother, her name is Maia, and his sister Thai with her husband Brax. 
They treated me with such kindness I've only received from Nana.

"Oh Lilith, you look breathtaking." Thai rushed to us the second we exited the car. She wore a stunning slim black dress that stuck to every curve of her body, and she held an equally stunning black laced mask in her hand.

"Thank you Thai, but I think you're the breathtaking one."

"Oh I know, can you believe I actually slipped into this dress with the baby weight on. It took hours." And yeah she was three months pregnant but she didn't show yet so I was confused as to why it would take her hours.

But what do I know.

"And who do we have here," I hate when Thai gets all bubbly like that, it's unbearable.

"Uhh-" and apparently Lavi just got scared out of bubbly shit. "I'm Lavender Spenser, nice to meet you" she composed her self fast and shook Thai's hand.

"Oh sweety call me Thai, I'm this stupid's sister." She said with a smack to Maxon's head before smiling back at Lavender.

"Lilith sweety could you guide Lavender inside, I need to have a word with Maxon." She said his name through gritted teeth. Weird.

"No need, I'll do it sweetheart." Mrs. Weathers was looking at Lavender with absolute amazement. "A fine date you have son." Jackson joined his wife and offered his hand to her, she smiled and took it happily while asking Lavi to join them in a walk around the house.

When they left Thai slapped her brother, hard. Ouch. Poor Maxon was getting a lot of slaps today.

"Are you stupid? That girl is Meredith Spenser's granddaughter. You hurt her or play with her and the whole Spenser family will kill you! You know if the Spenser's stop helping us you're going to loose your place in the-"

"Could you just shut up!" I saw Thai's hand rise for another slap on Maxon's head but he grabbed her wrist before she could hit him.

"I swear to god, those slaps are going to ruin my brain." I was holding my laugh in. Siblings fights are always funny. It made me think of my own sister. I did miss her.

"Your already ruined one. You know if-"

"I said shut up. Look she's my ma- date for tonight and I really like her. You know the way you like Brax when you first met." He gave her a pointed look. We both froze, he like Lavi that much? I hope he's true to his word.
Thai went silent for a few seconds. She glanced back at me and hesitated. I felt like I was intruding on their conversation, but Lavi was like my own sister. If Maxon has any intentions of hurting or leaving her I needed to know.

Thai seemed to close her eyes and Maxon's eyes seemed unfocused.
"Yes, you get it now?" Was Maxon on something tonight? Get what?
But Thai answered with a huge grin and a yes. I heard a shriek from the house that planted fear in my heart.

But Thai and Maxon chuckled and went to walk inside I followed to only see an excited Maia hugging Lavender so hard and saying things that I didn't get. While Jackson was congratulating his son.

"Umm, what's going on?" They seemed to remember that I was there. The room died for a second before Brax broke in, "look around you Lilith, don't you think Maxon did a great job?" I eyed Maxon and Lavender for a second then actually took my time to look around.

It was magical. The place was out of a faerie tale, and I was actually in it.
The musicians were getting ready in one corner and the servers were running all over the place putting the last touches around. A slender man who must be in his eighties rushed in with a letter in hand. He handed it to Mr. Weathers.

The letter looked fancy, it was a cream color with midnight black borders. The hand writing was precise and sublime.
An air of importance and power were carried in with it, and something else, something I couldn't catch just yet.

"Well, we were expecting him" Jackson smiled and I wondered who was he talking about but before I could know the sounds of cars outside notified us of the arrival of the guests.

"Put on your masks buttercups, the guests are here." Maia's excited tone made my stomach not with nerves.

Here goes nothing.


A/n: for whoever reads my story. I know this chapter isn't much and its full of rubbish but I hope you at least like it.

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