Behind Her Dreams

A girl with no family any more.
A girl that war destroyed.
A war that her family started.
And three years latter she's still picking up the peaces.
When Lilith creates A life for her self out of nothing, the past rushes right back into her life.

So what happens when she meets her future at the same time?
What happens when both sides break into her life? Would she run from them?
Or would she stand up on her feet and fight?


2. One Dream.

....."Don't," I screamed, he smiled once more and kissed my hand, it's always like that, he kisses my hand and the pain hits me hard! It pins me to the ground, i can't move, I can never move. My chest rises and falls fast, filling my lungs with a storm of air, and I can't, I can't, I can't let go! I know it's a dream, The Dream, but I can't seem to let go of it. I know what's coming next. I know I'll wake up hurt again. I know that it's real. Not a dream, never a dream. I can feel him, near me in the darkness, pulling me out, and throwing me right back in. He feels so real, "you're darkness will grow," he whispers, "you're darkness will explode," I bite my lips so hard at this part, everytime, and taste blood. I know the blood is real, it always is, it's because of it that I wake, "you're darkness will be-" screams! Nails! Teeth! Someone is pulling me from my feet! Another tugs at my hand! "Never, Never-" the noises speak, and I'm shaking, shaking, shaking.

"Wake-up Lilith, it's just a bad dream,"

And I'm screaming! And the blizzard that was in my lungs disappear, the liquid is seaping instead, and- 

"babe, come back to me."

I woke up.

That felt real. It always does. But this time it felt real, more real than ever, it felt like a promise, like something is going to happen. I know that something will happen one day, that those dreams are just the light seeping through the key-holes that belonged to my doors, the doors that will lead me to the meanings of those dream. That would lead me to him.

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