Behind Her Dreams

A girl with no family any more.
A girl that war destroyed.
A war that her family started.
And three years latter she's still picking up the peaces.
When Lilith creates A life for her self out of nothing, the past rushes right back into her life.

So what happens when she meets her future at the same time?
What happens when both sides break into her life? Would she run from them?
Or would she stand up on her feet and fight?


4. Blue dresses, Bad Kisses.

Noah didn't show up after what Lavi said a week ago. She was almost sure he was here, somewhere atleast, but he never made an appearance.

Maybe Lavi was wrong. Or maybe he left. I could only hope I was right, because demons, no matter how much human they feel or act, will always be demons. Always ready to finish what they started.

I've stayed home all week, I didn't even go to school. Well, whoever had my home wouldn't go to school. My new home. but I did go to work.

After what happened years ago, I had to leave my old house, my father, and being only fifteen at the time, I couldn't go anywhere. I had nowhere but the streets.
Then Noah found me. He helped me. Loved me even. But demons can't love, at least without a price. He just couldn't pay, couldn't give up his demonic nature for me, so he did what he did.

Six months later, I found Lavi, well she found me. And this house was her Nana's gift to me. Along with a large amount of money she left behind just for me. Lavi already had her Nana's heritage before she died, and the house that we used to live in with Nana in Portland is now hers', so she didn't have any problems with me having the money nor the house.

In fact she demanded I take both, I didn't put up a fight.
After all, I needed the money. The house, was an extra. It was a beautiful thing right next to the beach. Lavi and I moved from the Pearl District, where her Nana's old house was, to near Seaside, where we are stating now. Though Lavi lives in her own apartment.

When I first came to Pearl District, I looked like hell smelled even worse. Lavender found me in a dark ally. Passed out.

After that she took me to Meredith's, her Nana, at first Lavi was only going to help me back up on my feet, then let me leave. But Nana started treating me like her own daughter, and when I tried to leave, she found me, took me back home, and gave me the most unforgettable lecture in my life.

Lavender, of course, hated the idea. She thought I was some stupid lost girl who liked to deceive people and take there money. She hated me at first. But Nana always said she'd come around. And she did.

Nana and Lavi were like family to me. It hit me hard when Nana passed away but Lavi and I got through it, though the house does feel lonely without her most of the time. But I try to keep busy.

I work at a place downtown. Kids form high school and older usually hang out there. It's kind of a restaurant/bar place. I usually work two shifts, the one from 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm, I would serve tables and take orders like any normal place, with any normal lunch rush.

But the second shift starts from 8:00 pm till 12:30 Am, that's when I help with the parties. I would usually waitress only and help a bit with the kitchen, but some nights I would sing at the stage.

Jackson, the place's owner, is a great person, though he knows I shouldn't be working at his place at night he still helps me.
But he didn't know I could sing.

It was his son, Maxon, who told him. He heard me sing while I was closing up once, and couldn't shut up about it. So here I am getting ready for my late shift. And I'm singing, again.
At least Hannah, one of the few girls who works there, covers this shift with me so I wouldn't have to sing all night.

Maxon called me yesterday to tell me he was hosting some party with a theme and that I'd be only singing tonight.
Plus my outfit this time would be ready for me when I come. But I still didn't like the idea of singing in front of his friends.

Singing in front of usual costumers is a thing, but in front of new faces and too young ones with awful music taste, that was going to be hard.

My doorbell rang and I knew it was Eric. He drops me off to work at nights, then leaves to lavender's. Maybe they should consider "hanging out" under other terms than friendship.

The doorbell rang again.
I could only hope it wouldn't be anybody else.

I put on my jacket, grabbed my bag, and went straight to the door. I unbolted the lock and sighed out of relief. Yup, Eric. Thank God.

"Hey L. Ready to go?" He lifted his chin at me and I smiled. "Why are you smiling?" He narrowed his eyes at me and that only made my smile grow.

"Lavi needs you to drop her bags off," his eyes widened and I burst out laughing.
Lavi's bags of stuff are always too heavy, even for three times stronger man than Eric.

"Fuck, why does she always-"

"Nope. No complaining sponge bob."
He was about to say something but I cut him off, again. "They're behind the door here," I smirked and held my bag tighter.

"Wish I could help but-" I pointed to the bag, "my hands are full. So see you in the car" I waved a hand while walking with my back to him.

"Oh and would you close up? Thank you. Sponge bob" I winked at him containing my laugh and then jumped into the car. Eric was too stunned to answer. After all he had to carry five large bags.


"Hey, listen." The drive to my workplace was fast and silent, which was weird, Eric always happens to have something to talk about, but this time the only words that entertained me were silent ones. And apparently Eric was about to brake them.

"Yeah?" Why did I have a bad feeling about this?

"Can I like, I don't know, take you out Next Sunday, or something" he mumbled. Why did this conversation feel like it's going out of friendship land? No, stop it. Friends, yes!

"Yeah sure we'll pick Lavi on our way. You know, " I pointed at my self and huffed, "not much of a party person."

"N-no, I mean us, you and me, alone?" Fuck! This was going out of friendship land.

"Uh. Eric we talked about this, n-"

"I know. I don't care. You know I want more, you know I want you. Please don't say-"


"Lilith, please. Can you think about it?"
Could I? Think about it? "Or at least try? Give me a chance here Lilith."

"No Eri-" he was holding my face too close to his. His hold was tight, but I managed to scratch his hands off of my face. I ran out of the car.

That was different. He was different.
And he followed me. Not wasting time it seems.

"Look" he said and his grip on my upper arm was like titanium. When I started pushing him away his other hand snaked to my lower back and held me to him. All that I could think was bad, bad, bad, bad, this was fucking bad.

And wrong. Very wrong.

His eyes weren't that warm chocolate color. His eyes were hard, fearless, and terrifying. But they had an emotion I couldn't read, and before I could solve the riddle, he kissed me!

Eric fucking kissed me!

I was going to scream but his tongue slid into my mouth and I couldn't handle it. He invaded my space and he kissed me and now he was assaulting my mouth! Fucking no.

I bit his tongue hard and he jumped. When I was able to breath I stomped onto his leg, I now had my hold around the hand that was holding my upper arm and twisted it.

Since it all took him by surprise it was easier to attack him, so I brought my knee up to his package and hit, hard. And I topped it off with kick to his rib-cage.

"Don't pick me up tonight." I said to the huge body on the ground. "Or ever." I added.

I hope to never see him soon.

When I stepped through the back door Maxon was smirking. The fuck he's smirking all happy about?

"Nice show. I was going to help but when you stomped onto his leg I knew you got it handled."

What? He saw that ! And didn't help. Asshole.

"Thank you asshole. Happy to provide a show that matches your spiteful taste."

"Oh yes, it was rather fascinating," he mocked. well at least I can still laugh after that.

"Shut up. Where's my outfit? Does Hannah have the list of the songs for tonight?"
I needed to get ready for the other show.
And I hope I get small easy songs, Hannah likes to brag, a lot, so I don't have to worry.

"Yeah right, the real show. Your dress and mask are in the upper rooms," he was a bit nervous which was weird. Maxon is never nervous. But I ignored him and was heading upstairs when he stopped me.

"Uh, and Lilith, the songs list is on the make up desk." I took a look at him over my shoulder and raised an eyebrow. That's Hannah's job not mine."

"Yeah." He scratched his neck, nerves ran around him. "Hannah left town for college last night."

And there's my luck flipping me off. Again. What a night


I take it back. Maxon's taste isn't spiteful at all. The dress apparently was picked by him along with the mask. So it was a masquerade ball.

The dress was beautiful. It was a ball gown, I'm not a fan of ball gowns but this one was to swoon over .

The bust had a bateau cut, and a narrow waist line, and the skirt was made out of blue tool that had a bit of buff, but not too exaggerated. And the bateau cut over the chest and shoulders had these beautiful flowers that reached the back, that already had a low cut. And holding them all together was a light see-through peace of tool that only made the magical blue dress more magical. Right out of  fantasy land.

I wasn't creative with hair does, and I always had my oatmeal hair up in a pony tale. So I asked Jenna, one of the kitchen workers who's like a mother too, to do a simple up-do with my hair, then she pinned the hair jewelry that was with the mask to my hair.
I already did my make up, a simple winged liner and a nude lip stick, of course with some concealer and a light sweep of bronzer over my pale skin.

I clipped a simple blue earrings to my ear and stepped into the heals.

"Beautiful my dear, they will love you tonight." Jenna always sounded like a mother, felt like one too. Her kids are very lucky ones.

When I stood in front of the long mirror my breath hitched in my throat. I was beautiful. Just like she said, the blue dress only complemented my pale skin and my figure too. I wasn't thin, I wasn't fat either, but rather fit. And the dress made me look beautiful with every curve it created. And my hair, it never looked so good before.

"Oh thank you Jenna, thank you." I hugged her tight because this moment felt like a mother daughter moment. And since Nana's gone and Jenna feels like a mother I couldn't help but hug her and relish the feeling.

"Oh hush hush now. Make me proud tonight okay?" Though this was suppose to be a small party at the bar it somehow felt more. Weird. "I will."

"Now go. And sweet Lilith?" I turned my face to meet hers. "Rock their world would you?"
I laughed, hard. It's weird to hear Jenna say that.

I grabbed my silver colored mask from the tablue and hugged Jenna again. "It's only a small party."

"Did that boy not tell you?" She sounded angry, " I was even surprised when he told me you agreed." What did Maxon do now?

"Why? What is it?" She sighed a frustrated sigh and spoke "It's okay. Look the party isn't exactly here. It's held at Jackson's house. It's some sort of a big town event and this year Maxon is supposed to pick the themes and organise it, you see, that's why I was surprised when you agreed."

"The hell! Jenna No! I can't. Singing in front of his friends is a thing, but in front of most of the town. I can't."
It's a loss really the dress is so beautiful and Maxon's stupid plan of surprises isn't going to work.

"No!" She jumped, "Lilith you can't back down now, no sweety no."

"Why not?" I haven't been exactly given a choice in the matter so I'm not doing it. Jenna knows that.

She sighed " you see, but don't tell Maxon you know, Jackson, his father, wants him to prove him self to the pa- people. So that's why he chose you as a part of this." She pleaded with her eyes for me to understand.

And I did get it. " and Jackson loves you, so maybe that would win him some points." I sighed. God help me, oh help me sweet god.


She smiled.



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