Baby Blue

Rosie Baggings never knew why her parents split up, but she had learned to except it and move on with it. However when a new boy comes to her school, she notices her mother tightens the rules and hardly let's her go anywhere anymore. When Rosie throws a Halloween party, and the new boy comes, Rosie's life takes an unexpected turn.


4. The One You Missed

"Do you want I talk about this with mom?", I smiled looking at him. He was shocked that I would talk back like this. When I was young I was so sweet and innocent, but ever since my father left my mom an I two years ago I've been a bit of a brat.

"Rosie just please forgive me I-"

"No, dad, I can't, you left me and mom and that hurt a lot and then you called us all those names and THEN you didn't even show up to Rosanna's funeral!", I shouted tears threatening to pour out of my eyes, " you didn't even show up to my freshmen year play that I played in", I huffed and pushed my plate away getting up. My father grabbed my arm and pushed me back into my chair.

"Your mother didn't want me to come Rose", he tried to explain but I knew he was lying.

"Bullcrap", I growled.

"Rosanna", he growled and griped my arm tighter. I felt the sharp pain pushing threw and right as I tried to pull my arm away he grabbed my other arm over the ace bandage I had put on the cut from when I fell in the shower.

"Your hurting me", I whimpered. My father used to be a drunk and he abused me and my mother, but then he went sober and then four years later he left us. Pulling away I run up to my room and closed the door locking it. I couldn't bug my mom because she's either still at the office or asleep. Laying down on my bed I turned my music up louder hearing the notes of Blossom by Candlebox cut threw the silence.

Laying on my stomach I forgot about what had happened in the kitchen. I was good at forgetting. I soon drifted to sleep and let the music consume me completely, I felt high and I was enjoying the sound of the music blasting in my ears all night. I was in an I between stage of sleep and not asleep, I was simply at rest.

--- The Next Morning ---

I woke up to my father banging on me door.

"It's time for school!", he shouted as if nothing had happened the night before.

"I'm up!", I yelled back and turned my iPod on hooking it up to the Bluetooth, and then plugging it in so it could charge. I looked at myself in the mirror and noticed two hand sized bruises on my right forearm and blood seeping threw the ace bandage I had out over the cut. Singing along to another random song that had come on I put my makeup on, and covered the bruises with foundation.

"I kissed the scares on her skin

I still think you're beautiful

And I don't ever want to lose my bestfriend...", I smiled in the mirror at myself. I have a good life right? I mean I'm not abused often and I have an amazing friend an my mom is the best person ever so, I mean, I should be fine right? I walked out of the bathroom and put on an All Time Low shirt that showed a small but of my stomach and skinny jeans with a blue flannel that covered past my bum. I grabbed my bag and iPod with earbuds and walked down the stairs to hear the car running. I hear my stomach growl but ignored it and walked to the car getting in.

"Good morning", my father said inspecting my outfit, my shirt and jeans with Toms and flannel.

"Don't judge an morning", I sighed shifting.

"What's that!", he exclaimed refuting to the tattoo of a colorful wilting tree no larger than my fist.

"A tattoo", I replied simply.

"You are NOT allowed to have a tattoo you're only seventeen!"

"Mom took me last year on my sixteenth birthday, the one you missed", I looked over at him fixing my hair.

"Impossible, your mother would never allow that"

"Wanna ask her?", I looked out the window at the rising sun. The car had gone quiet after that comment, and rightfully so. Did in feel bad about the way I talked to my father? Yes, of corse, but he deserves every bit of hell that I give him. After about twenty minutes or so of driving my father pulled into the school parking lot and let me out.

"Have a good-", he said before I closed the door and started walking away to be met by Molly and not but ten feet away a blushing Luke.

"Hello fellow humans", I smiled.

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