Baby Blue

Rosie Baggings never knew why her parents split up, but she had learned to except it and move on with it. However when a new boy comes to her school, she notices her mother tightens the rules and hardly let's her go anywhere anymore. When Rosie throws a Halloween party, and the new boy comes, Rosie's life takes an unexpected turn.


29. Off the Wall

Rosie's POV:

"Luke!" I heard three other Australian accents say. Turning around I was dumbfound. I saw the three other boys from Off the Wall running towards Luke and I. "Woah!", Ashton, the drummer, yelled. "Such a big house!", Luke stood quiet with his mouth having open. Giggling I felt all of there eyes dart to me. I felt so insecure and I wanted to just sit in the ground and hide my face.

"Who is this beauty?", Mikey, the other guitarist, smiled and fixed his hair which was dyed green.

"Her name is Rosie, she's my girlfriend", Luke hissed and Mikey clinched his jaw. Something had happened between then but I filing know what it was, all u could pick up was that there was a girl involved. "What are you guys doing here anyhow?"

"Well we decided to come to America and visit you, we where thinking amid moving here to Colorado!", Ashton yelled and laughed throwing his arms up. I saw the scars from his self harm. I thought it was just a rumor, and u never looked into it because it was none of my business, to be honest now that u know it's real I'm upset that anyone knows about it because it wasn't anyone's business.

"Okay", Luke looked at me then looked up at the grey sky as it started with to rain. Luke didn't look very amused by this statement m, it looked like Luke was red to keep Colorado a secret, that he had something to hide here that he didn't want to others to find out about. "Well let her inside", Luke said as he grabbed my hand and walked me inside. The house was so beautiful with Harrison floors running throughout the first floor and u assume the basement and top floor were the same. The counters were real marble and there were floor to ceiling windows. Ur was me dream house.

Following all the way through to the backyard was a swimming pool.

"Owch!", I yelped as I was knocked down with a strong force, and hit breath in my cheek.

"Cola, down!", Luke shouted and pulled the large dog off of me. "Bad dog", he growled and the dog whimpered. I later learned that Luke buffing hit her it hurt her in anyway, she was just a really smart dog. I felt two large hands grab my shoulders. "Are you okay baby girl?", likes voice broke the quiet.

"Yes", u smiled at him and nodded gently pulling back from Calum. "What are you guys going to do about school tomorrow?", I asked.

"We transferred", Mikey smirked, "happily so", flushing I took a deep breath and looked away. When Off the Wall was still a band, I was madly in love with Mikey, and I wanted to date him, but then when they broke up I kinda forgot about the crush and moved on to Jace.

--- That Night ---

"Are you okay?", Ashton's voice said quietly behind me. I nodded. "You know, I just met you today, but u feel like I've know you for my whole life, and I can tell something is bugging you so please tell me", he begged and started making some tea.

"I don't want to bug you with it", I laughed slugged and pushed my hair back. I had been awake an hour longer then everyone else, and I had been cry in that hour. "It's stupid"

"It has to be something", he smiled softly at me. "I'll share with you if you share with me. I saw you looking at my scars earlier", he leaned Amon the Islam showing me the scars. Six on his right arm and then or twelve on his left wrist.

"Okay", I nodded. He told me everything am that had happened, and when he harmed himself, and why he had done it. At first u thought that he had done it because he was bullied but he was all way worse then that.

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