Baby Blue

Rosie Baggings never knew why her parents split up, but she had learned to except it and move on with it. However when a new boy comes to her school, she notices her mother tightens the rules and hardly let's her go anywhere anymore. When Rosie throws a Halloween party, and the new boy comes, Rosie's life takes an unexpected turn.


32. Important A/N

Hey guys! So for the past three, fourth I haven't been able to really write, and the passion for this book is gone at the moment, and I'm really sad about that. However, this has happened to me once before, and I assume you that I did finish the book! It just took me longer then expected. On top of all of that, I just got a new kitten, and a new phone, and I dyed my hair, and met this guy, and I'm starting school soon, and, and, and- IT JUST ISN'T SLOWING DOWN!!

After I start school and get used to the schooling again I should be updating more often, but for now, I need to take time and focus on my priorities. I hope you all understand. I love all my lil'smores 😗. This isn't goodbye, this is just see you later!

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