Rambles, Shambles, and Dance Halls

The sequel to "Lonely Souls" and distantly related to "Hands, Bands, and Other Trends."


25. Shambles (Listening to TOP's Kitchen Sink at Night is Trippy)

I never know when it’s too late
When anxiety begins to aggravate
My hands- they shake
My body trembles
Long before the thought assembles
And I’m told by others, “Just calm down!”
“Force that frown
Upside down”
But it doesn’t help and I’m beaten into the ground
The voices take me
The voices make me
Think things I never would think
And part of me remembers the kitchen sink.
Hey, Josh Tyler, is it the same for you?
Maybe I need a secret tattoo.
It will represent when the feeling begins
And when it ends.
Even though I don’t have a hand
Wrapped around these emotions
I’m throwing
A metaphorical tantrum
Because I can’t come
To a simple understanding, you see,
I’ll be
Minding mine and my own
And maybe it’s their tone
But suddenly I look down and see
My hands- they’re shaking.

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