Rambles, Shambles, and Dance Halls

The sequel to "Lonely Souls" and distantly related to "Hands, Bands, and Other Trends."


15. Beethoven's

Hey, did you hear?

About the girl and the moon

One shined so bright

It was painful to see

Always shining to be known,

Shining to be seen

But the other was cold

And they never even looked

Even though they knew

One glance was all it took

So darkness ate away

At the one that shined

Until the light couldn't stay

The oceans rise

The waves swayed


Hey, did you hear

About this dish and a spoon?

I heard they ran away together

It was so crazy

A cow even jumped over the moon

But eloping only works

In fairy tales and nursery rhymes

The dish and the spoon?

They ran out of time

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