What a Feeling

Alicia Smith thought that just going to a bar was just about hanging out and whatever , but what happens when a cut sexy irish boy comes up and asks her if she could be his girlfriend. read to find out


4. The Bed

After prom Alicia and Niall were really tired and really wanted to go to bed so this is what happened:


Alicia: Babe that was the best prom ever and I can't believe that you were my date to the prom .


Niall: Well I can do anything for you. 


Alicia: Awww. Hey wait a minute didn't you say to me at prom that you were going to introduce me to the boys once we get back from prom.??


Niall: Yes I will introduce her to the boys but first let me get some stuff from my flat and then we will go to the boys and you can meet them and say whatever you want to say to want to say .


Alicia:Yeahhhh baby , thank you so much .


Niall: Your welcome :) Baby





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