What a Feeling

Alicia Smith thought that just going to a bar was just about hanging out and whatever , but what happens when a cut sexy irish boy comes up and asks her if she could be his girlfriend. read to find out


1. The Bar

Ringgggg !!! My schools bell just rang for summer release and I was so happy because I was finally able to see my best friend who was staying at home because she was sick from a cold.


Alicia: Hello anyone home ?!!!

Taylor: Hello Alicia I'm in your room choosing out a dress for tonight.


Alicia : What why , aren't you still sick and where are we going ??


Taylor:  I'm fine and we are going to this new club that just opened down the road .


Alicia : K but what am I wearing anyway??

Taylor: This!!:



Alicia: WOW !!! That is amazing , but isn't it a bit too much for a club ???


Taylor: Alicia we are going to a club not to school so  relax and  anyway  didn't you want to finish putting on your make-up so we can leave?


Alicia: oh ya  right let me  just finish it up and then we will leave k.


Taylor: k


                                                 *Alicia Finishes putting on make-up*


Alicia: lets go!!! 


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