What a Feeling

Alicia Smith thought that just going to a bar was just about hanging out and whatever , but what happens when a cut sexy irish boy comes up and asks her if she could be his girlfriend. read to find out


2. Meeting Niall

Taylor : Well now girl   since we look stunning why don't we just get a table and get some drinks so we can get the party started am I right?


Alicia: Let's do this  but wait won't we  get in trouble since we didn't tell our parents and anyway I don't feel like drinking tonight .


Taylor:First of all I already told our parents and secondly why don;t you feel like drinking, there are tons of cute boys that would love to date you aside from the boys at school that you were trying to get to become your boyfriend.


Alicia: K but what if I don't like any boys, do I just go home empty handed or do I just try to get the boys attention by my charm or what??


Taylor : Wait a second here comes a cute boy why don't you talk to him and see if you can get along and exchange numbers.


Alicia: K 


Niall : Hello ladies is it ok if I sit with yo guys since there are no more seats in the entire club and you two seem to have a  no-one to talk to talk to ??


Taylor: Sure  you can join us , my name is Taylor and this is  my   friend Alicia .She is  shy because she is a fan of yours and she didn't know that you would be coming here tonight we just wanted to come here since we just go off of school and we are really happy since we are in our last year so ya.


Niall: Taylor is it ok if I could talk to Alicia and see  if she can talk to me and  see if she can have a drink with me .


Taylor: Sure but be careful she may not talk at first but then it may work so it is all up to you and also to see if you can handle her because she is very  shy around people that she has never met  and also she may not say anything for awhile so goodluck.


Niall : I'll try my best  to make her talk. Thank you for the good luck by the way.


Taylor: Thank you and oh I love yo guys as  well I  forgot to mention that  .


Niall: Alicia...Alicia.. Hi my name is Niall and I was wondering if I could talk to you since you are really beautiful and you really didn't have anyone to talk to . Alicia??


Alicia: I love you


Niall: Alica are you ok ??


Alicia: Ya , I just want to talk to someone that I can relate to  and talk to . Can I tell you something that I have never told my friend before.


Niall : ya sure


Alicia : Well I actually never had a boyfriend and also whenever a boy comes up to me I get scared so I try to stay away from them so I don't really have friends.


Niall: You are really beautiful. I don't get why boys don't wanna hang out with you since you are really beautiful and also anybody can talk to you since I think once they look at you they will soon see how beautiful you are like me .


Alicia:Ohhh..ummm thanks??


Niall:  Welcome. :) Well  do you want to hang out with us tomorrow since we are in town for the next few weeks and we really want to get to know you and see if you can relax around the other boys. Let me just Taylor that you  are ok and I am taking you out tomorrow to meet the boys and also tell her that you are ok , is that fine.


Alicia: Ya sure I will wait here if that is ok with you.


Niall: ya totally. ( speaks to Taylor and she is totally fine about it and tells her that she would be going with him  tomorrow to meet the rest of the boys)


Alicia:Yeahhh baby I get to see my friend . .


Niall : You look so cute when you are happy .


Alicia: ( Blushes)


Niall: Well we have to go or else  our plans for tomorrow will be ruined .


Alicia: KK.





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