The Bad Boy's Reputation

Two completely opposite people; Natalia Grey the school nerd, teacher's pet. She's a big sister and role model. She believes in love at first sight. She wants the fairytale love, the one where you find your prince and live happily ever after.

Jason Summers the school bad boy, player and football player. He does what he wants, when he wants. It's his way or no way. He's the type of guy who doesn't date, doesn't believe in love nor wants it.

Talia only sees one side of Jason and that's his bad boy side; the jerk. Jason only sees one side of Talia and that's her nerdy side; geeky glasses and pulled back hair.

What happens when these two completely opposite teens are forced to see each and talk to each other every single day? What happens when the two teenagers realize there's more to the story than meets the eye? Will their opinions change? Find out in The Bad Boy's Reputation.


36. Chapter Thirty Six

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Natalia's POV

"Mom, I can't eat today. I have to fit into the dress." I informed, as my mom put a plate of eggs in front of me.

"I don't want you to go anywhere without eating something. Just eat, anything."

"I'll have a banana, is that good?" She nodded.

"As long as you're going to eat." 

I walked up the stairs with the unpeeled banana in my hands. "And don't forget about the pictures!" Mom yelled as I entered my bedroom. I rolled my eyes and closed my door. Since it's my first prom, my mom wants to go all out. She put curlers in my hair, she wants to do my makeup and my nails. She already picked out my shoes and the flowers that Jason wears. As for me, I would rather straighten my hair, slap on some mascara and eyeliner, maybe some lipstick, throw m contacts on, wear my dress and some sneakers, and go.

I took my glasses off and grabbed my contacts. I stared at them, even if the only thing I could see was the package and the white peel off lid. I took the lid off, took the right contact on my finger, and held it up to my eye. The contact fell off of my finger, as my bedroom door flew open. "Mom, what the hell!" 

"Sorry, but I have the makeup." I groaned and picked up the contact from the floor. I rinsed it in solution and put it in my eye. Once both my contacts were in, my mom moved onto my makeup. "So, Zac proposed." She informed, putting eyeshadow on my eye. 

"He did?" She hummed in reply. "And?"

"And I told him I would have to check it over with you. Because I know how bad you took your dads death, and I don't want you to think I'm trying to forget about him." 

"Mom, if Zac makes you happy, then marry him. Don't worry about me, I'll adjust to it. Just like I adjusted to you guys being home for so long."

"That's another thing. I know I haven't been the best mom to you, and I'm so sorry for that. I've become the worst mom in New York, and I wish I could just turn back, and be there for your time of need. But I want to be the mom you always wanted now. I want to make it up to you. I've pushed you with your grades, and that's the reason you were in so much pain. Natalia, I love you so much, you have to understand that."

"I love you too, mom"

"I am so sorry for not being there for you, and for leaving you. I'm so so so sorry. Please, forgive me."

"Mom, you leaving me with the Summers was the best thing. I got to live with a family who loved us. I got to meet my boyfriend, who I love so much. I got to see what living is really like, not hiding behind glasses."

"You are your father's daughter. Always seeing the good in people." 

"Mom, I love you, but can you finish my makeup, before I have to leave?"

She laughed, and nodded. "Yes, I can."


"I look like a different person." I said, looking in the mirror. I moved my hair a little to the side and smiled. 

"You look beautiful." My mom smiled, squeezing my arm. 

"Thank you."

"Now, put that dress on." I laughed and took the dress off the hanger. "It's a gorgeous dress, he did good."

"He did. His best friend's sister went to pick the dress up during the school day, and dropped it off so he could ask me the way he wanted to do it. Amber was involved in it, and I had no idea." I checked my phone, seeing a text from Amber saying they were here, and ready for some pictures. "The girls are here, mom," 

When I walked down the stairs, all the girls' jaws dropped. "What?"

"Jason got you that dress?" I nodded.

"It's gorgeous, oh my god," Poppy said. 

"Oh, pictures!" Ambers mom exclaimed, pulling the camera up to her face. 

"Mom." Amber groaned. 

"It's your first prom, come on." Mrs. York had Amber at a very young age, and she was a single mom. She was only sixteen when she fell pregnant with her first child, and once she told her boyfriend she was pregnant, he left her because he had a good thing going for him. He was the captain of the football team, he had friends and a life, and a baby would change all of that.

They remained semi-good friends, he was there to support her whenever she needed it, but they weren't together. Even when her parents, Amber's grandparents, kicked out Mrs. York, her ex-boyfriend took her in, and she stayed with him until Amber was born.

Amber was born originally as Amber Lee Valise, taking her fathers last name, that way they didn't have to fight for who gets the baby, because it would the cost too much money, and as a single mom living on the streets with her newborn baby, she didn't have the money.

Mrs. York was a single mom until Amber was about ten, and they moved from house to house. When Amber was just a baby, they lived in a shelter for new moms, all the way in Queens.

Then, when Amber was about five, and getting older, they ended up moving to a run down apartment in the Bronx, but it was the more run down part, or as people call it, the projects.

Her mom dated someone, who I forget the name, but he wasn't a nice person. He respected her with everything and protected her, but to people around him, he wasn't nice.

Together, Mrs. York and this guy had a child, a boy, Michael Ricardo. And now she had two children to deal with, a five-year-old and a newborn, then the guy and Mrs. York ended up breaking up on bad terms, and she moved again.

She moved from the projects, in with her friend from high school, my mom. Just like Amber, I was five, but Macey wasn't born just yet. Amber and I shared my room, she slept on the floor and I slept in my bed. I had no idea who this girl was, but all I knew was that we were the same age.

Eventually, after two years of living with us, Amber was seven, and so was I. Amber and I became really close friends, like sisters, and she was moving away yet again.

Turns out, at the restaurant Mrs. York was working at, a man came in wearing a nice suit with a woman, who looked older than us. Mrs. York took their table, and when she came home, she wouldn't stop talking about this man.

Amber, Michael, and her mom moved in with the man, Vincent was his name, and they ended up getting married when Amber was eleven. He had everything Mrs. York wanted, money, a house, a daughter, perfect for her.

She went from living on the streets with a newborn to living in a rundown apartment in the Bronx to living in a mansion with her husband and his daughter and her kids in Brooklyn.

Then, once they settled down and started wanting more things, they decided to have a baby. Together, Vincent and Lilliana had Leo James York, who is Macey's age. So, Lilliana York has three kids with three different men. Nothing wrong with it, but she's happy, finally.

It wasn't until Amber was about thirteen, that her stepdad decided to really make her one of the family, and he adopted her and Michael. He felt that if they had the same last name, they wouldn't be criticized for having different dads.

Now, there's Vincent York, Lilliana York, Tammi York, Amber York, Michael York and now we have Leo York. All belonging, legally to Vincent York.

"The boys are here." Mrs. York exclaimed, taking one last picture. I smiled widely, and folded my hands in front of my stomach, hiding the small chub that showed through the dress. Since the dress was made to be fitted around the top and middle areas, the small ounce of chub I have on my stomach shows through the dress.

The boys walked in, and all of them stopped, and their jaws dropped. "Woah," Jason whispered. I smiled and looked at him, as he looked me up and down. All the boys looked at each other, and nodded, then looked down. Us girls, all we did was laugh at their reaction, and timing to everything they did. Everything was almost in unison.

"You look absolutely breathtaking," Jason said, putting his hands on my waist. 

"As do you," I replied, smoothing his jacket out.

"Okay, pictures! All the couples get together." My mom exclaimed.

"Mom, we took so many already."

"Not with the boys. Come on." She replied. I huffed and made my way to the group.

"Okay, wait. Jason put your arms around her." Jason was quick to act, as he put his arms around my waist, so he was holding me close. "Okay, one, two, three."

"Mace, go on in there." Mom informed.

"What? Mom."

"Would you let your sister get in the picture?" I sighed and held Macey by her shoulders. "Zac, get the baby!"

"Mom, who's going to hold the baby? What if he poops or spits up on us?"

"Don't worry about that." She replied. "Who wants to hold him?" Everyone shook their heads. But Jason. Mom snapped a bunch of pictures, and finally, the car pulled up. "Okay, have fun, yeah?"

"I will mom."

"Okay, have a good time. Don't do anything stupid after prom, please?" I nodded. "I know you're going to Manhattan, so please, I beg of you, be safe and use protection."


"Always, Mrs. Grey." I blushed hard and followed the group out the door.


Every couple was out and on the dance floor, dancing their way through their problems, and thoughts. Amber and Cameron were dancing, Poppy and Jackson were dancing, Christina and Nick were dancing. As for Jason and I, we sat at the table.

The girl's dresses were all different colors, styles, even shapes. And I must say, for the girls who think they're all that, and so pretty, their dresses don't match how they think they are. Like Sophia, she has a bright, lime green shirt dress on, and black shoes. I don't know much about fashion, but I know lime green isn't a good color, and black shoes with the lime green dress, doesn't go together. At all.

"Good evening everyone." Our principle smiled. "I'm going to call the following names, who have been selected as nominees for prom king and queen. If your name is called, please come up to the stage." 

"Sophia James and Jonathan Carson. Brenda Meola and Sean Carter. Kelsey Johnson and Matthew Carrier." The couples all stood on the stage, with big smiles. "There have been a couple selected as nominees, who do not know yet. These people were chosen last minute, last week, but the announcement was not made. So, the last couple to be called is... Natalia Grey and Jason Summers." My jaw dropped as I took Jason's hand in mine. 

"I don't know about going up there."

"Jase, come on. There's no way we're going to win, but let's have fun and let loose tonight." 

"Now that all our couples are up here, it's time to see the results." The principal smiled opening the envelope up and smiled. "There was more people who voted for this couple when they didn't even know. Our new prom king and queen is... Natalia Grey and Jason Summers!" Jason gulped and looked around. 

"Congratulations." Mary smiled as she put the crown on our heads. I smiled and squeezed Jason's hand. 

"Natalia, Jason, you can take the dance floor." The song started playing and we stood there. "Jason, are you going to dance with your queen?" Mr. Lionel asked. Jason looked around the room, with his hands shaking.

"Jason, look at me," He turned his head and looked right at me. 

"Keep your eyes on me," I said, putting my arms around his neck. His eyes stayed on my face as we moved to the music, slow and steady.

It's like catching lightening, the chances of finding someone like you. It's one in a million, the chances of feeling the way we do. And with every step together, we just keep on getting better, so can I have this dance?

His eyes roamed the room again, but I turned his head to me. "Hey, keep looking at me. You can do this." He nodded and watched my eyes move around his face.

"I love you," I whispered, knowing he wouldn't answer, do to dancing in front of the whole junior class. 

"I love you too." He replied, putting his forehead on mine. I smiled and closed my eyes.

Take my hand, I'll take the lead and every turn will be safe with me, don't be afraid, afraid to fall. You know I'll catch you through it all. 

Jason kissed my forehead and smiled widely at me. "You look beautiful tonight."

"Thank you," I replied, putting my head on his shoulder as we swayed to the music.


"Here's to prom king and queen!" Jackson exclaimed, raising his beer in the air. I raised my beer in the air and smiled. 

"Prom king and queen." We all said in unison. Since we all have some kind of money, we all chipped in to rent a house in Manhattan with three rooms for each couple. One room for Jason and I, one room for Poppy and Jackson, and another room for Amber and Cameron. Christina and Nick went back to Nick's house.

Prom ended about four hours ago, and we've been in this house for about three. Right when we walked into the house, we started drinking. Now, three hours later, we are all drunk, off of who the hell knows.

"We're going to bed," Jason informed, taking my hand in his. 

"Summers is going to get some tonight, ain't he?" Jackson asked. I blushed as I found my way to the stairs, but my drunken state really made that hard to do. 

"Step. Step. Step. Ouch." I said, once I fell up the stairs. I laughed hardly and sat on the stairs. "Jase, I can't get up the stairs." I giggled, pressing my hand to my lips. He walked up the stairs and helped me up.

"Use protection!" Amber yelled.

"I'm so drunk." I laughed.

"Me too," I smiled and laid on the bed. "What a fun night this has been," Jason said, getting onto the bed with me. 

"And it's about to get better." 


Hi, guys!!! I hope you're all doing well!! If you all would like, I could somehow find a way to make an Episode for this book? Only if you guys want! Also, please, comment your thoughts, opinions, changes. Anything you want! I love to read everything! Whether you need advice, or if you want me to read something, feel free to reach out to me! :)

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